Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s

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  • Miss lady

Arsalan, 26 Jun 2020My phone shuts off when the batery is 25%, it stays for 10 ... moreI'm also experiencing the same problem but as 4me even if its fully charged, it will freeze n Samsung will appear on the screen 4a certain moment


yeh, 26 Jun 2020it is because of the optical fingerprint readerYes I have too that problem

  • yeh

Ahmed, 19 May 2020Does anyone have noticed a change in the screen colors befo... moreit is because of the optical fingerprint reader

  • yeh

Bilal, 03 Jun 2020If you looking for fast and durability, like using mobile f... morehuawei y9 is stuck in android 8. very outdated

  • yeh

atheesh27, 08 Jun 2020I have been using this phone for nearly 12 months and i am ... morethis phone has only been out for 9 months so..

  • Okey2cute

Promixity sensor dont work when I cover with my hand unless I press harder pls help

  • gbr000

Excellent smartphone, I had a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8t and comparing that phone which had better resolution 48p. I don't regret Samsung bcc It's more refined and client care. Xiaomi was stable fast but you have a horrible display NO COLORS. So it's useless have a nice camera and a horrible display which didn't show proper colors. Samsung has it all nice bright colors. Very responsive and delicate touchscreen for artist who paint digitally. A lot of options from factory. It's not true that phone consumes a lot of battery like you can play directly between 6hours to 10 h depending on the game and the app just shows that. Read a book or listen music there's different ratios but you can expect a lot. The core speed is fast very fast and responsive. And games played very well as storage space and OS. Sure I have the 2020 version so I may not know other old versions of this phone. Cheers!

  • rehan

Bryan, 25 Jun 2020I have chrging issues with my phone, 3% only added every 10... moretry to clean your charging port with toothbrush i had same issue and my issue is resolved with this

  • Arsalan

My phone shuts off when the batery is 25%, it stays for 10 minutes off, with the signal of Samsung on the screen and after 10 minutes starts on again.

  • Bryan

I have chrging issues with my phone, 3% only added every 10min. I've already check the settings but still the fast charging is not working, any help regarding with this issue please

  • Anonymous

Please how do i register my fingerprint on this phone beacause of my installed screen protector

  • Okey2cute

cant register fingerprint with screen prector on the phone

  • Ori

My phone shut off when the batery is 25%, it stays for 10 minutes off, with the sigla of Samsung on the screen and after 10 minutes start on again. Does this happen to anybody please, i have this phone from 4 days...

  • doctrinedark

Abbas Jaan, 19 Jun 2020Not good About Call recording and not wrok any app about c... morehi, call recording in not allowed due to new android privacy policies

  • Wew

It's trash every game is so lag. If you read this don't buy this trash!

  • Anonymous

No screen recorder either. This is one special phone.

  • Raj07

Everything is gud but heating issues also battery backup drain short time and main thing is finger print sensor working slowly some times doesn't work .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2020It has free nice screen protector. One of the best screen p... moreNo screen protector in India...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2020Can we see video at 1080p on YouTube by this mobile Limited to just 720p

  • Kuda

The A30s so far so good for me but I am not liking the screen at all. I can see the small dots and it's irritating me