Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s

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  • Anonymous

This phone is really nice but if its used for 30 minutes intensely, you can't see clearly. I mean it's causes problems to the eye. I think they need to check on that, on their next update

  • RIjan

MY phone A30s model , its good 4 use and not complexity but its so hot and drow the battery fastly, not longer 12 hr

  • Anonymus

I've got a Samsung Galaxy A30S since 2020 january and mostly I would say it is ok. There are better phones sure for gaming, I'm only using it for work.

  • Anonymous

This is by far the worst phone i have ever owned ... 2 months in the touchscreen stopped working and from there it just got worse (i have never dropped the phone or spilled anything on it) ... if you dont want to waste your money dont spend it on this phone

  • A30s

After the update to android 11, this device works really nice so far. All you need to do, after you finish updating is to wipe partition cache. But to do that on android 11, you need to have your phone plugged in a laptop or desktop computer. The factory options are no lo ger available without that step.

  • Suchi

Pitoto, 30 Mar 2021Strangely, if you open to My FILES on my Galaxy A30s, you c... moreIn my phone, you can't Copy or Move files using "Categories" (Like Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Favourites etc.).
But you can Copy or Move files by going in "Internal Storage" or "SD Card" in My Files.

  • Anonymous

Kevin, 15 Jul 2021This phone actually perform really good and with the new up... moreI like Samsung Galaxy A30s very much .Because its performance is very good , and whole day battery life. I updated to version 11 and it is very incredible. It has a wonderful 21* mega pixel and ultra wide thrible camera.

  • Kevin

This phone actually perform really good and with the new update to Android 11 it actually work a lot better from my experience which I've been using this phone for 2 years now and no issues at all. Camera in daylight is perform good however at night is not like the worst camera but it could be a little be better also the battery is doing an amazing job lately & the only think that could be a lot better is the fingerprint.

  • Alberthina

I really hate the new updates. I hate that I have to keep switching back and forth with my SIM cards when texting. When before I could click on any sim that I want to use. I hate the thing that comes at the bottom after a screenshot, very useless and time wasting. Remove those features or make then optional.

Just got update android 11. .

  • Munna

Network is soo week.

  • Mohan

Net work and connect problem Bluetooth, Hotspot and wifi no connect 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Anonymous

Why the camera qudlity is so poor in new update,its blurry and not capturing the original face,its really bad update phone is not charging as quick as it was before,if the brightness is more for sometime its get hot so fast😣😣

  • Rakesh

Samsung a30s is not fully 4g network compatible mobile,play game hang always, network gone alawys,my 2nd phone is working good but samsung has network problem,

  • Anonymous

My A30s gets hot within minutes if the brightness is kept high. Bad phone.

  • Dolan

One Ui 3.1 destroyed this phone. I will downgrade to 2.0 i think.

  • Dark-droid

Does anyone know when this device gets Android 11 , South African edition?

  • Dolan

The biggest defect of this phone is that it gets hot when the brightness is set to 70-100% even if i am not doing heavy things. It also gets very warm while Fast Charging. I recommend to y'all to turn off the Fast Charging option when you are charging your phone at the night to improve battery life.

  • dameyin

i hate this phone because easy hot and shutdown

  • TheArtist

Today I recieved Android 11 One UI 3.1 update on my A30s in India. It is very good update but only issue I face is the internet speed is reduced and no longer is showing LTE+, only LTE. I think LTE-A is disable in this update or removed. I'm too sad. Why Samsung.. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜«πŸ˜­