Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

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  • hassanmasood1999

720p ips lcd and 13mp front cam ?!?!
The A31 is still a better option
still using it works just fine

  • teshin

Why on earth would they put such low resolution displays on all their new "A" phones?!

  • John

And 15W "fast charging"

  • John

720p TFT
No gyroscope
No gorilla glass protection

But at least it has micro sd and headphone jack. Better than S21 in these areas

I think Samsung is going backward by introducing this phone to the market
I mean IPS ? and not even FHD screen, 1080p video, 15w charger.
This is really a disaster phone, I'd go anytime anyday with A31 instead of this one and I dont give a penny about the 5G

  • runt

I think the back design is lovely, even if half of those cameras are useless :p Hopefully someone copies it for a higher end phone.

  • Anonymous

potato4k, 10 Jan 2021All fancy looking, but eMMC storage that will make the phon... moreWish i knew that before buying LG's K41s

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 18 Jan 2021How is the chipset garbage when it can run Fortnite?!!Because some people are dumb and don't understand a thing about socs

  • Anonymous

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 18 Jan 2021How is the chipset garbage when it can run Fortnite?!!because fortnite isn't everything, not everyone is a gamer

Tech favorite, 18 Jan 2021This chip in particular hs been caught cheating in benchmar... moreYes but you don't need benchmarks to know the cpu performance because you can literally know the cpu performance by looking at the cpu configuration (does not include performance of any other section only cpu i meant)

What a tragic device with a woeful display even for its price.

also why ips??!!

samsung has always been known for there amoled screens

every single predecessor of this phone had an amoled

BIG SHOUT-OUTS to SПMSUNG for still giving us useless macro and somewhat useless depth cameras even after the phone weights 205g

Also i actually love the cameras layout design (i mean how the cameras are placed individually)

Also i think i saw Dimensity 820 and 1080p screens on phones with the same price and mostly other specs aswell so what exactly is this Samsung?

(Not saying i hate samsung I'm actually a samsung fanboy but i don't like what they are doing with there phones in recent years)

  • Anonymous

1080p min. Fortnite is not everyone benchmark, especially when it comes to real world phone usage

  • Anonymous

Arod, 15 Jan 2021wow samsung old school tft 720p display, what a embarrassme... moreSuch ignorance.

  • jayjay

is this available in the philippines?

they should've dumped the useless 48MP camera for a better display

Alhamza1999, 18 Jan 2021if it was only 1080p or 6000-7000 mah it would be very grea... moreit's a budget 5g phone, corners had to be cut to keep the price down

  • Shamesung

Anyone who purchases this phone will boost the confidence of more money-less features idiology of shamesung

  • Dharmendra saini

How many rate this product???