Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

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  • Mahlako

I just dropped my a3 2016 in water accidentally. Is it waterproof?

  • Mizan

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2016Dear Trisha u must buy the samsung galaxy note 4 SM-N910C . I f... moreTrisha, you can try J5.. I am using this since long but tge performance,camera,display and UI is very impressive. Nice phone for daily use.

  • Pal

AnonD-542912, 02 Aug 2016Which phone is better Samsung galaxy J7 2016 or A3 2016 ?When it comes in screen size, a big phone j7 2016. For premium, beautiful, compact phone go for a3 2016,. I have this baby for almost 2 weeks and im inlove with it everyday. Now its your call brother. :)

  • AnonD-542912

Which phone is better Samsung galaxy J7 2016 or A3 2016 ?

  • AnonD-542912

Does this phone support OTG ?

  • Anonymous

gsmarena pls review this device pls

  • AnonD-510772

AnonD-562568, 20 Jul 2016Is this phone compatible with pokemon go?Yes it's support pokemon go,I've instaled it and smooth... ✌

  • Anonymous

AnonD-65507, 29 Jul 2016Can you help me, I want to buy a new phone but i don't understan... moreDear Trisha u must buy the samsung galaxy note 4 SM-N910C . I fond this set one in one only in samsung products. I am using that set from last oe year . I did not find any problem . And scand one bat try is very useful give you long time , tha camra i result is best for shooting mamories. .. so I advise u for that set.
Thank you .......

  • AnonD-361836

it has otg?

  • AnonD-65507

Can you help me, I want to buy a new phone but i don't understand much in cellphones. Can you tell me which one is better samsung galaxy a3, alcatel idol 4, samsung galaxy j5 or htc desire 825?
Thank you :D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2016the phone is nice but a little bit pricey. i wish that they make... morewith hdr!

  • Anonymous

the phone is nice but a little bit pricey. i wish that they make it 2600mah battery using exynos 7580 and a removable battery plus 2gb ram. and remove the glass at the back so it will cost lesser! 200 euro a1 2016 hahahaha

  • Everrizer9

(Hi GSM Arena-please post only this rectifyed post/thnx)
-This Samsung Galaxy A310 2016F smartphone it s just great. My last smartph that i wouldn t change, used, liked and enjoyed for about 3 years a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9195/4G/1.7Dual core/1.5GB Ram/8GB/JellyBean>KitKat was doing it s job peoperly at his time, but unfortunately in time, with KitKat and other most used applications updates, it begined to become laggy, sticky sometimes without any reasons despite of keeping it mentained at the best conditions and status/configuration and settings(used almost all usual applications that we use everyday/except games and recreational appl-that i rarely played on it) ~in last year of it s usage also needed to uncheck the "limit processor power" from the powersaving mode to make it work faster and properly. The battery worked at the best time between about almost a day long to 1day and half. I could say that i am a realistic objective Samsungfan.
-Now about the new Galaxy A3 that i own from about 2-3weeks with Lollipop OS, from all my evaluations and appreciations, after i configured the way i like and use, except the background white system-that should be on black-like on JellyBean/KitKat-wich would be a good-great battery saver, and battery removal(not really a minus-as can be changed in time-at a GSM service), i say that the Android Marshmallow system it s clearly revolutionary comparing with last 2 OS used, and a real performance for battery, and other usage stuff. Now with same use the battery easyly keeps working for 2 days. As compare, the phone it s just great, many advantages in usability,... and the missing of gyro sensor in Galaxy A310f 2016 doesn t feel at all for me.

  • Anonymous

i want this phone so bad but it is a little bit pricey because of metal. i wish that the back cover is shiny plastic and i like the glass in the front like iphone and metal side. plus i want the specs of j7 2015 not like this cause the specs is outdated and the battery is 2600 and removable battery.

  • Everriser9

AnonD-564034, 24 Jul 2016This phone is great if you want a small phone BUT my version has... more-I have the phone from about 2weeks, buyed it 100%original pack/with seal items and atuff with warranty at Samsung Romania and no problem about the typing issue what u say about. Must be a particular problem with some of the devices. Good luck with it.

  • p

i can't upgrade to marshmallow. can u help me?

  • CookieFinder123

Umm, I dont get it, my phone keeps frozing and keeps turing its self off! Like turing litterly off, like a restart! In 1 day when i bought it that was happening! I dont get it! Im Really sad! Of course!

  • David

Multitouch up to 5 fingers ...

  • AnonD-565693

how do i upgrade to marshmallow? it doesnt make the update

  • Anonymous

How to install marshmallow update on a3 2016 please help ?