Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

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  • Kato

My A3 2016 loses connection with wifi have anybody got this problem?

  • AnonD-45075

AnonD-541475, 26 May 2016Excellent little device, perfect for those after a smaller hands... moreHow is the camera on this phone, Matt? and does it lag?

  • Troy

The company says that the rear panel is a corning gorilla 4. The phone happened to drop from the pocket on the floor and it cracked immediately.
Is there anything I can do. will the company repair it for me

  • AnonD-544260

Very very disappointed by samsung, not even 15 days since ive bought this phone, there is a screen burn in and the home button is shaky. Samsung u crap.

  • GM Taylor

i got this phone on 27 May 2016. the phone is fast and i am in love with its design. the display is very sharp and it brings everything out as though they are sitting on the glass. the main camera is superb. my disappointment is the from camera. it is not as good as that of its predecessor A3. the photos appear too bright. i don't see them natural as in the A3 that i just passed over to my wife. maybe there is a setting to reduce the light on the from camera. can anyone plz advise for i am so much in love with this phone.

  • summit

How is the camera of a3 compared to s6 camera?

  • AnonD-439332

I have this phone for aprox. 3 months. The size is perfect, A5 is too big for me. Premium design for such money. Camera is very good. Battery lasts 2-3 days, once got 4 days. SOT - 4:20-5 hours. I use it for internet, mail, messages,calls, facebook, camera, music. Very satisfied with the phone, no regrets. Hope 1,5 gb ram wont be a problem in the near future (the only thing i worry about)

  • Anonymous

which is the better ? samsung galaxy s5 neo or galaxy a3 2016 ? please help someone

  • Tayyib

Muzzamil, 24 May 2016Who says bad battery i am using this and very happy with the btt... morehow your battery timming goes on 2 day.
my phone battery down very fast

  • QQ9981

Anonymous, 29 May 2016What's better? samsung a3 (2016) or ipnone 5s?It depends on you..
Samsung A3 has better RAM, camera, battery... It also fashionable as well as Iphone 5S, especially the rose gold and gold colors..

  • Aftab Memon

Samsung A3-6(2016), is the best cellphone battery timing with full wifi dual sim 24hrs plus.
It is slim look like a Iphone size ...
I''ll recomend you this set I am using since 1mnth&I shall satisfied from this set..

  • Anonymous

Jana , 29 May 2016Hey, ho many hours do you guys get on one charge? Mine only esti... more2 days here.

  • Anonymous

What's better? samsung a3 (2016) or ipnone 5s?

  • Anonymous

Is it laggy?

  • Jana

Hey, ho many hours do you guys get on one charge? Mine only estimates 16hours for 100%, this cant be normal right?

  • Vikram

AnonD-540561, 23 May 2016Excuse me guys plzzz.... help me which phone I can buy galaxy a3... moreGood looking much better than j series and size is perfect

  • AnonD-542379

AnonD-535783, 16 May 2016Hi Babak, I already did it and still laggy sometimes. maybe i wi... moreupon restart the update process may you touch the screen. do not touch the screen until the update process is complete

  • Ady

AnonD-535783, 10 May 2016hi, i bought it and it's a good phone. but for the last 2-4 days... moreHi! Can you tell us your Baseband version? Settings >About device>Software info>Baseband version

  • Ady

Anonymous, 17 May 2016after the new update (3days ago) the phone became laggy when i t... moreplease let us know the baseband version of your Android.(Settings>About device>Software info>Baseband version)

  • jk

Pls can someone tell me how I stop the phone vibrating all the time. I've changed the settings on all aps to not vibrate and enabled to he do not disturb function all with no effect. It's driving me mad I've only had it 3 days