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Samsung Galaxy A40

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  • Anonymous

ka1u, 18 Feb 2021Does this phone has always on display?Yes

this phone was in 2019 okay for its price but please the chipset is absolute trash. Been using this phone for around 2 years now and the lag on things like scrolling through the web or just navigating in the menu often lags. It was a good phone for basic tasks but now it's getting old and unreliable. Still waiting for software support haven't got any update since December... no idea if it will ever get android 11 or one UI update still on 2.0. I can only imagine more lag with android 11 though

ka1u, 18 Feb 2021Does this phone has always on display?no

  • Anonymous

it is android 10 now, not android 9

My mom has this phone since december 2019.
-pretty capable chipset, I tried A9 legends and ran fine at high settings 1080p.
-camera is more than enough for outdoor, indoor quality could have been better, but what can I expect from a 190 euro phone??? My old A5 2016 cost 300 euros and it could barely run any game at 720p, but the camera was much better, so you win some, you lose some.
-a perfectly reasonable 3.1Ah battery. Could have been better, but what can I expect? My s8 can barely hold half a day after 3 years, with 1440p and twice more power hungry gpu, and this one can get through a day, with location on and 4g (Vo-LTE) calling.
-lastly, the front glass is incredibly scratch resistant. After one year it barely has two scratches that aren't visible on the display, only in direct sunlight. my s8 deeply scratched on the first day just by putting it on the lap upside down. Huge thumbs up for GG3 instead of GG5.

  • ka1u

Does this phone has always on display?

  • hpguru

It's an awesome phone for 6 months now. Only bad thing is battery which does not hold very long. I am not glued to my phone all the time. This said bit over priced at normal price, I got mine at bargain. Today could go for A51 5G phone, but for now this is my day machine. Screen could be even bigger, the track row on Deezer is very minimal, on A51 5G everything is so much bigger when tested. I think the battery is weak point here, otherwise ok.

  • Anonymous

Battery capacity very low.

Anonymous, 10 May 2019Don't get p20 lite it's old and not as good as p30 lite and a40 Ok thanks for the tip a have a old a40 bit it's got a cracked screen on it £50 but out of work the now but will get it fixed as a backup phone as a have a new phone Samsung galaxy a51 5g going to order a Samsung galaxy s20 fe 4g tomorrow so get it on thruday can't wait

  • Gandalfdenvite

GlenC, 02 Oct 2020There seems to be an over abundance of whiners on here moan... moreHave you ever tried any other phone? If you think Galaxy A40 is good then you will find that other equally cheap phones are magically fantastic! Samsung phones are extremely overpriced!

Call Record Have????????

  • Anonymous

Its upgradable to Android 10. Soon to Android 11.

  • Anonymous

Charlie, 14 Jan 2021I need some help. I'm pretty basic when is comes to te... moreHi Charlie! Had the exact problem with A40, not once but twice. I took it to an official Samsung service store, both times, and they fixed it in a couple days. Luckily it was still under warranty at the time so I didn't have to pay for anything. I recommend you do the same!

  • Anonymous

Charlie, 14 Jan 2021I need some help. I'm pretty basic when is comes to te... moreContact your carrier

  • Ddking

Battery is bad, fingerprint doesn't work well, sometimes white no reason SIM doesn't work, insert SIM. Samsung never again

  • Charlie

I need some help. I'm pretty basic when is comes to technology and I don't really care about all the new latest gadgets. I brought a Samsung A40 some time last year and as first it done what I needed it to do. I'm pretty bad at remembering to charge the phone but It has some form of life in it, if not fully charged most days.

Last night I put my phone on charge and woke up this morning to it being dead, I've tried plugging it into two different chargers and different plug sockets but it's not doing anything. It's not even showing the charging sign. I bought the phone on contract and I don't really want to buy a new one. How do I fix it and get it to start charging? As much as I hate to admit, I need my phone.

Can I fix it? or should I just lob it in the bin and bite the bullet and get a new one?

  • Koni

Worst phone ever made,it's laggy,frame drops,slow and camera is blurry, unfixable sim card problems and it overheats really easily

Using it for a year now. Phone was and is great. Never had a better Android phone from Samsung before. Great value for its price. Cameras are par for me.

  • Anonymous

I really recommend this phone, its execellent. Small and handy, good cameras and the UI is very smooth

  • Loki

December 2020 update fixed fingerprint issues, sadly battery issues are still not fixe, battery draining fast. If you havent updated your phone past may 2019 dont do it, updates are broken and will face issues, i didnt had battery problems prior 1st update. For those with updates do december update it will fix some issues. Cheers