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Samsung Galaxy A40

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  • KiboSRB

I have Samsung A40 for 3 weeks. I am very satisfied with everyhitng. I have to mentione that I am mid to low average user. I use mobile phone for calls, chat apps, a few social networks and a few interesting apps. Nothing special and no games.

-Display and brightness are awesome. I can see everything even when the Sun is directly on me. Addaptive brgithens works great as well.
-Its pocket sized and great in your hand.
-Battery is fine! I go to work at 9 and come home in the evening, after about 12h, it has around 50%. It could easily last 2 days for me. Fast charger is great also!
-Front camera is good, but back camera could be better. Btw I did not check all the settings so thats on my perhaps.
-Does not have Always on display, but you can download an app for it, it works normally.
- Very fast and has a nice interface
- Fingerprint - good and fast

Also I noticed many people have problems when phone is in your pocket. I did not have any random chat or phones calls while my phone is in the pocket.. Perhaps because I use fingerpint. Also, when I talk I do not have any problems with entering different apps with my cheek or somehing. All good. Maybe, but just maybe, while on the phone, speaker could be slightly louder.

  • Scorpio

Which one is better a40 or m30 in process (cpu)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2019Can't find good compact phone these days, this one would be grea... moreIf you can live without the headphone jack and expandable storage, then the Xiaomi Mi9 Se is a better buy.

  • komsa

Mihai, 15 Sep 2019I have a problem with AdaptiveBrightnessGo, drain battery of my ... moreuninstall it via ADB

  • matus

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2019 same, came from S7, biggest advantage for me is weight and dualsim. Else is worse, but i didnt expect anything else for budget phone. But most disadvantage is no always on display or led notification, which should have all phones jesus, its its basic.

Gorilla glass 7 , 01 Oct 20193100mah little disapointed .Check this video out to find out how the battery perform.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019Upgraded (or downgraded) to this from Galaxy S7. And only cons I... more­1.php

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019Upgraded (or downgraded) to this from Galaxy S7. And only cons I... moreHow much screen on time you have after depleting a fully charged battery?

  • Anonymous

Upgraded (or downgraded) to this from Galaxy S7. And only cons I really have are lower camera quality both front and back. Low light performance is worse but in daylight it's okay and acceptable. Wide angle camera is good for scenery, but you can forget any quality when using it (only 5MP). Battery for me is reliably 2 days (light web browsing, automatic brightbess and sync enabled). 0 performance issues except youtube occasionally freezes for 20 seconds or so when opening external link.

One of the few phones you can still actually use easily with one hand, other than S10e, can't think of any other new phones with smaller or equal size.

  • Gorilla glass 7

3100mah little disapointed .

  • Jase

exvitermini, 14 Sep 2019Can anyone confirm or deny that while on bad reception the devic... moreI've been having that same problem for years with all these bullshit smartphones

  • Fkz19

I can't update this phone,it tells me that is a problem with the server or with the network...i'm the only one with this problem?

  • Dan

Guy , 21 Sep 2019Hello friends. Can some of you please confirm if it's possibl... moreIs not gonna help, the actual screen has the high number of pixels on, regardless of the software resolution.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2019Please help. Can you access ok google or no by on locked scree... moreIt can take pictures in four modes: full, 1:1, 16:9, and 4:3.

  • Anonymous

Can't find good compact phone these days, this one would be great if the battery was bigger, at least 4000 mAh

  • Anonymous

Please help.
Can you access ok google or no by on locked screen?
Does it take pictures in 4:3?

Ashton, 21 Sep 2019Does this have any problems? Should i buy it? I like the specs ... moreI bought it 2 months ago. Great phone ,very fast. Camera ,design, display, speed are very good. I am very satisfied with it. Only the battery could be a bit better, but overall a great phone for the price. Go for it if you are not a heavy user...

  • Marcel

Tried this phone for a week, size and performance are good. The main reason I returned it: battery life is poor compared to the Sony XZ1 Compact I had before it (which is 400mAh smaller) and there is just too much useless Samsung junkware on it....

  • Guy

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2019Sadly, resolution can't be changed. But, with regular use the ba... moreThank you very much for you reply. Do you have it, I guess you're satisfied as you say?

This or p30 lite?