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I used A40 for 18 months and suddenly the fast charger stopped charging. Other functions were fine. Warranty was still valid but Service provider claimed physical damage, although there was none. I was told that motherboard was damaged and replacement will cost almost equal to the price of the phone, that also without any guarantee that it will work. I have to pay in any case.
This was my first such experience from any vendor. I didn't expect it from Samsung. Just want to make the community aware of such arrogant behaviour from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

it shame this phone no get android 12 :(

  • Digital Chimpanzee

The width of this phone is indeed 2.72 inch, which is 69mm!! not 79mm as listed in the specs! Please change it!

  • Ed

This phone has served me well over the past 2 years, But I think that Samsung should really start thinking about the longevity of their designs, My battery has degraded to the point that it can barely hold 8 hours of charge.

The transition to android 11 was not smooth and it fouled up many of my applications for several months.

My first fully functioning smartphone, On the whole I would say a good introduction to the smartphone market, But I wish they would stop tinkering with it with consistently constant updates.

  • Mike Irwin

Dreadful signal.Might be ok if I lived next to the mast.

  • Anonymous

Clay 3030, 24 Sep 2021Cuz the people don't buy this version cuz has small ba... moreWhat a lie, this phone literally has the latest Android 11 and OneUI. Not Samsung's fault the other guy couldn't update his phone. Also Xiaomi's UI has so much ads

  • Clay 3030

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2021Does anyone know why I'm not getting the Android 11 up... moreCuz the people don't buy this version cuz has small battery and Samsung don't give any update to this phone that's why i switch im Xiaomi user now

  • kk

I've got a gradient banding problem when watching youtube. I don't know if it's a software upgrade problem or only my A40 has it?

  • zawa

exact size. i never felt any sumsung mobile as convenient as A40..

  • hpguru

BigPipo, 30 Apr 2021This phone is a totaly s**t after less than 2 years the bat... moreI feel the same, as I wrote in separate comment, it does not hold anymore. There is no way one could change battery. At 3000 MAH if not less it barely stays a day. If battery is under 15%, outside it will run in colder weather instantly leaving you with no phone. Unless you are prepared. I need to take with me 10 000 MAH chargering case everywhere with me now. It just drops all the time, the battery. Less than 2 years. My next phone will be 5000 MAH battery at least. I think I could use my phone for under a year more, but with this battery I do not think over 24 months will be possible. I am not even using it that music, it just plays Spotify when I am out and casually look at timetables.

  • hpguru

Using since summer 2020.
Battery is now only average, daily I am charging it even with little usage. The fast is everything for my needs. Do not lag at all. I think the battery is weak point. When at 15% and outside, it goes in seconds to zero. Go out only if battery is 100%, especially when cold outside, it will drain much faster, and may leave you with no phone for hours.
For price I paid, maybe will go another year at €169 with case, but hardly think it will be possible to go any longer because of weak point which is battery usage time.

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Still doesn't work. In settings it just says "The... moreVipe cache partition and try again.

  • Anonymous

Kujtim Zymeri , 25 Aug 2021Activate autoupdate at settings. Still doesn't work. In settings it just says "The software is up to date". I may just need to install it manually or get a new phone

  • Kujtim Zymeri

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2021Does anyone know why I'm not getting the Android 11 up... moreActivate autoupdate at settings.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know why I'm not getting the Android 11 update? I am still stuck on Android 9 for some reason. Do I have to manually install the package via the boot menu or is the OTA package blocked in the UK? Any help is appreciated

  • Kizo

In my experience it never had screen recorder in the quick menu and we have it for 2 years now.
I just accidentaly discovered it in the Game Booster app meaning I am uncertain if it can be used outside of games.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021It is me or selfie camera has considerably decreased with l... moreYeah i have noticed less details, much poorer stabilisation and much more noise since the recent upgrades. This is a very greedy move from Samsung.

  • Sosotemi

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021It is me or selfie camera has considerably decreased with l... moreThat's true, after the android 11 update, the camera and the battery life has been downgraded then no more screen record option on the quick panel. Had to download a third-party app for that

  • Hasan

A40 received android 11 update and one ui 2.5. It's receiving security updates too.

  • Anonymous

Bernie, 07 Jul 2021Got to say guys I've had this 📱for almost over a year ... moreI reccommend a motorola phone for example the one macro it has headphone jack and fm radio + fenomenal battery life its also much cheaper. Or just try any other moto they have these kinds of features