Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40

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  • Jt

-Amazing screen
-One UI
-Good size
-Headphone jack
-Rear camera is good

-Battery life bad
-Build quality not very good
-Front camera is pretty bad
-Issues with cellular

  • Anonymous

Yonu, 29 Jan 2020Is it IP68 dust/water resistant ?no

  • Shinny77

It is the worst phone I have ever bought. I got a much cheaper one before this one, and I had no problem with my last phone. I only bought the A40 cos it has like 64 gb and I simply bought it for the extra gb because I need a lot more storage space, but out of every phone I've ever had, it is the worst. It has put me under so much stress. The battery is an absolute mess. Sometimes it doesn't charge properly and you have to tamper with it to get it charging. It constantly says 'no sim card inserted'. Now I ordered a new sim card just in case it's my sim card that's damaged r something. If not, I have to try call customer care and get it sorted. I did call Samsung one time, and the guy was so unhelpful, didn't have the answer at all. I don't know what's happened to Samsung. I always thought they were pretty good, but for my next phone, I don't think I will be getting a Samsung again. I've had a horrible experience with the Galaxy A40, but I'm stuck with it now. I can't afford a new phone. This will have to do me until I can save up for a non-Samsung phone.

  • Anonymous

Great phone. No problems but the battery is average

  • Tim

lacc87, 03 Sep 2020Pro: - Cheap Cons: - Wifi is bad - Battery is bad, rand... moreI own this phone and the battery does not shut off at 10-15% infact it stays up until 0% sometimes

  • Roady

Ok phone, great features for the price. Signal seems better than the J5/6 and A series but screen is just as fragile. Users seem to get a slight hairline crack on the front from minor drops and then within a few days the screen is black and will not power on. Cost for screen replacement is 85% value of replacement handset so I I'm amassing quite a few of these (6) broken in my drawer... It's worth getting a full armour case for these, but be prepared to replace every 1-2 years in a hard work environment (so back data up!).

  • lacc87

- Cheap
- Wifi is bad
- Battery is bad, randomly shutoff around 10- 15%
- Bluetooth even worst

  • Freeman

I love the movies with wide camera :)

  • Miki

It is OK overall. Battery is medium not bad not good. It is Iphone alike life of the battery. Beside for the price you can expect really poor cellular reception. If you use phone for talking with GSM/3G/4G and you did not have full strength signal on last phone. You will have words doping out of conversation literally. It is not bad quality but you very easily start to loose your words and part of sentences that you trying to talk over call with this phone.

  • JR

Small and compact with rear finger scanning it the best option
Love this phone

  • Sam

Worst phone I've ever had. The battery life is terrible, the signal is terrible, the fingerprint lock never works and when the phone is in my pocket, the touch is so sensitive, it dials numbers, turns the brightness down, if I'm listening to music it turns it off, it changes my settings and swipes away any on screen notifications. I have had other Samsung phones in the past which have been great, but I regret ever being talked in to getting the A40. AVOID!

  • RV

I've had it 6 months. On holiday the phone stopped being able to be charged. It ran down and died. End of story. I changed cables. Nothing. Took it to Samsung in Parma, Italy. They could not fix it for four weeks! Three, my provider, practically washed their hands of me. I'm fuming. Not even the slightest bit of advice as to what I could do or what my options were. Thankfully my wife brought my four and a half year old Samsung A3 out to me when she joined us and at least now I have most of my contacts back. When it was working I found that the predictive text was nowhere near as good as the A3 in both English and Italian. Very disappointed with Samsung and with Three.

  • abc

After a year battery stopped working properly, it got "fixed" at service and one month later it's broken again... Maybe it's just bad luck but this phone disappointed me a lot...

  • Tony

Great phone,good battery

  • ivankooo

I don't understand people who are complaining about the battery life... Honestly this was my biggest concern when I was thinking to buy it and guess what ???... You are all wrong!!! I needed secondary compact phone, with enough power and this was definitely wise choice. To be honest I even think that it holds battery better then my primary P30 pro with the same no. of apps, same notifications, same usage basically... I'm getting 2 days without any issues (I'm not playing games). Just disable all the unnecessary apps and you are good to go for 2 days (checked). Screen is beautiful, camera is also very good, it's compact, easy to hold, haven't noticed any lacks... From my side it's a worm recommendation! Cheers!

  • Anonymous

It won't charge. I have repaired it (professionally), reset it as well. Done a bunch of stuff. And it has often worked... TEMPORARILY. It never gets fixed.

  • mradevski

This phone is decent for the price.
The camera is good, there is enough storage/RAM, and the display is gorgeous.
However the battery is ABYSMAL (I'm barely getting a full day of use) and the software is a bit bloated. OneUI is full of bloatware (Facebook, OneDrive, Briefing, Bixby Daily and more).

  • Anonymous

For a budget phone its ok but sadly the phone sound quality is awful. quiet and muffled. Often it's very difficult to hear what the other person is saying during a call. Feature wise I didn't expect much from a budget phone but it's really really let down by terrible poor call sound quality.

  • laur

The app cam is not responding. I can not take pictures... what is this? I made uddate to android 10 a month ago.

  • Nick

Very bad smart phone.One of the worst samsung.