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Samsung Galaxy A41

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  • UDay

Very Good Phone. Price wise too

  • DaVirtuoso

Does this device have working VoLTE in the US?

  • Teo

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021"The only thing I'm not sure was a good idea, is ... moreYes tks... I use app "Auto AOD" and its perfect
(it activate AOD screen only when receive notifications)
But not available on playstore, had to download from internet.

An advice for debloat: do not remove Samsung keyboard, because if you remove it then accessibility settings crash when you try to open it.
For me it makes big problems for some settings (big problem for "accessibility permissions")
You can use another KB (I use Google KB) but not remove the Samsung one.

For Android 11 it's just perfect.
I think it's a bad idea not to update, people should understand how Android works now... I mean, when system is "fresh", at the begin it can use more battery, but the more you use it, the more it will kill apps and processes you never use, and the more battery will be optimized... if you wait few days, you will sure have same battery performance as before, or maybe even better.

For me normal use, need battery about 10% to 30% per day.
Some days up to 50%, but it's when I do like more than 5 hours tethering.

  • Anonymous

"The only thing I'm not sure was a good idea, is removing "Edge", because now I no have light on the screen for notifications (this phone no have led notification) and I think light notifications was somewhere linked to Edge."

You can use AOD to display notifications.

  • Anonymous

""You cant exept flagship perfomance,because it isnt flagship.", the problem is that the competitors give the buyer/user almost "flagship performance" for the same amount of money as Samsung take from Galaxy 41 buyers/users! Galaxy S41 is more than 100 Euro too expensive!"

It's really weird to see comments like this. I paid 100Euro for mine. I've had it for 6 months. It's an excellent phone, a fantastic screen and amble battery life. Everything is running fast and smooth. AOD working perfectly. Never a stutter. Android 11 made it better with same battery life. Only problem is the gazillion of preloaded apps. But thats a Samsung problem for all Samsung phones and has nothing to do with this phone. And developer options can enable APTX/LDAC.

This is not a flagship phone but a middle range phone that's working perfectly fine.

  • Ados

Ados, 26 May 2021don't accidentally update android 11 and those ui 3.1 ... moreHard reset solved. Yes.

  • Ados

don't accidentally update android 11 and those ui 3.1 on your a41 because the battery is running out of energy

  • Anonymous

MB, 21 May 2021I am looking at buying this phone after reading all these r... moreYes

  • MB

I am looking at buying this phone after reading all these really helpful comments.

On device BOOT UP, is PIN or PASSWORD authentication technically possible to get A41 access, where facial & fingerprint recognition have been disabled?
The manual doesn’t seem to say.

  • zz

Tony, 19 May 2021YesThanks.
This phone has pretty much everything. Except FM antenna and IR led. It's also the smallest/lightest one can get right now. Could even be 10% smaller... but it is almost twice the money of a Huawei P40 lite ne, which is also faster, but somewhat bigger and misses a few ticks on the spec list.

  • Tony

zz, 16 May 2021Does the camera have manual focus mode?Yes

  • zz

Does the camera have manual focus mode?

  • Janos

I have upgraded from an A3 2017 so I have no experience with any other recent phone, apart from a Huawei P smart 2019, which doesn't compare. The phone is good, screen especially at this price range, 1080p AMOLED at this size is awesome. Can't have any complaints there. The rest is kinda meh. Cameras are only good for photos, lack of 60fps video and any kind of image stabilization makes videos look horrible. The build is plastic, the UI could be snappier, it can get really hot and it eats through the battery with heavy use. But you can get used to it and the phone overall gives you a pleasant experience. It also kinda looks like an S20 from the back, so there's another minor plus point.

Doa, 28 Apr 2021Yes of course. it’s better in every way, especially the sc... moreit's such a shame Samsung have stopped making the A4* line compact now the A42 5g has a 6.5 display. Imagine the A42 being the same size as the a40/a41 but with a 1080p amoled display and SD 750g!!!.

  • Doa

Panda eyes, 28 Apr 2021Have the A40 which I enjoyed immensely mostly down to the c... moreYes of course. it’s better in every way, especially the screen, it’s amazing.

  • Tony

Panda eyes, 28 Apr 2021Have the A40 which I enjoyed immensely mostly down to the c... moreDo not the upgrade. It is not a step anywhere. U become only a biger phone but not a better one.

Have the A40 which I enjoyed immensely mostly down to the compact size and the amazing display. Is the A41 worth upgrading to or to similar?. I prefer compact phones.

  • Teo

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021contacts??? messages????? chrome, netflix??????? how d... moreI use google contacts, google messages, I not use Netflix so no need it.

Internet browser I use DuckDuckGo, it's very light and "privacy" browser and (in my opinion) I think better than Chrome... for the moment looks like works very well, but possible I will change if in future will have problems with it.

My list is what I have removed without any issue, and phone is now very fast for everything, and also battery last a lot more (normal use, like everyday 5 minutes calls, few messages, and mobile hotspot about 3 hours, use about not more than 30% per day) but of course for people using apps that I removed they should not remove them.

It is just for information, everyone is different and of course everyone should only remove what they not need, and keep apps that they use.
And anyway if you need an app, it's always possible to put it back, or to install it from Play store (or Galaxy store if you use it)

  • Anonymous

Teo, 16 Apr 2021Here list of apps I removed, and that makes me love this ph... morecontacts???
chrome, netflix???????

how does that make youe phone better πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • antquestion