Samsung Galaxy A41

Samsung Galaxy A41

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  • ChrisB
  • am3
  • 22 Jun 2022

Grenouille, 21 Jun 2022Android 12 upgrade now available in the UK.Yep, with oneUI 4.1

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    • Grenouille
    • gLN
    • 21 Jun 2022

    Android 12 upgrade now available in the UK.

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      • Anonymous
      • n2N
      • 06 Apr 2022

      Having 2 years on this phone had suffered USB port damage and volume down button began to not respond all time, nice job samsung. also One UI 3 ruined phone's battery life.

        ricky, 25 Mar 2022I owned bottom of the barrel phone for 3years (Redmi 5A), i... moreI have owned one of these for just over a year now and have had no problem with it at all. Very capable, terrific screen for the money.

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          • ricky
          • 04S
          • 25 Mar 2022

          I owned bottom of the barrel phone for 3years (Redmi 5A), im not heavy user (spotiy and social media) and i like compact devices. Is it worth it buying this device used, i could find this phone for 120$/100 euros?

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            • Gabriele1308
            • xYC
            • 08 Mar 2022

            Good phone, compact size, good camera and beautiful display. I disabled all useless animation and replace One UI home with the lighter Lean Launcher. With these options the performances are ok, it does all it have to do relatively fast.
            After 11 months got an issue with USB port that seems typical in Samsung low budget smartphones. Battery recharge only if connected to Laptop USB port, look like current over 2 Ampere cause a stop of the charge. Fortunately warranty is 2 years for European market, but pay attention!

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              • d%{
              • 25 Feb 2022

              Richard , 29 Jan 2022A41. The worst phone I ever had by a mile! Really..!! don&... moreExcellent phone.

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                • lowry
                • pVc
                • 19 Feb 2022

                have it about 1,5 years. had to replace usb port due to moisture damage and fix volume down button. other than that still works fine and is responsive

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                  • Spits78
                  • StU
                  • 11 Feb 2022

                  Battery performance so poor

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                    • Richard
                    • StU
                    • 29 Jan 2022

                    A41. The worst phone I ever had by a mile!
                    Really..!! don't even think of wasting your money. £280 down the drain.

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                      • AX6120
                      • Nkw
                      • 15 Jan 2022

                      I have this device , but its still work with android 10 one ui 2.1
                      How to upgrade it to android 11 one ui 3.1🤔🤔🤔🤔

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 3dr
                        • 29 Dec 2021

                        morthawt, 27 Oct 2021I upgraded from an A5 2017 to this. I love it. Nice and fas... moreIsnt the a5 better tho?

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                          • Kimmy87
                          • 0Rn
                          • 15 Nov 2021

                          I had the phone 3 months now and it has been good to me well OK ish, the loud speaker is not a loud speaker and on any phone calls are very quiet. It has only one single use speaker so it really let's the phone down. I also had to reset the phone as it was playing up when down loading certain apps. Tonight I ordered the iPhone 12 I have always been a fan of apple. This phone was OK but wouldn't really advise buying it if you use loud speaker... I rate it a 4 out of 10

                            I upgraded from an A5 2017 to this. I love it. Nice and fast and very capable. The only 1 single thing I miss, is that the camera app no longer has a voice activation. I used to all the time hold my phone up somewhere and say "Shoot!" and let it take a picture so I did not have to use both hands and press in the right area. I miss that :(

                              wish samsung launched it in india as well. even if they still launch the same phone today in 2021 it would still be a great option. except maybe just one improvement - the chipset could atleast be SD 690.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • ngs
                                • 21 Sep 2021

                                Mina, 17 Sep 2021Which one is better? Huawei P30 lite or Samsung A41A 41 is fine

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nGC
                                  • 21 Sep 2021

                                  Arid, 06 Feb 2021The glass is like butter... scratches in there after 1 day ... morelol mines a yearold and theres not a scratch on it, and i dont use a case

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                                    • ph91
                                    • nGC
                                    • 21 Sep 2021

                                    i have had the galaxy a41 for a little over a year now, the phone is still as fast as the day it came out of the box and the battery life is still very good, however the phone has developed a very irritating charging fault. the phone still charges but i am constantly having to clean out the charging port or it will simply keep beeping as it continually and repeatedly stops charging and starts again, i am considering replacing it with the a42 now as this fault really is becoming a pain, it does this literally every couple of days for no good reason despite it being very well looked after, im not saying this is likely to happen to every a41 however and other than that the phone is excellent

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                                      • Mina
                                      • NuU
                                      • 17 Sep 2021

                                      Which one is better? Huawei P30 lite or Samsung A41

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                                        • A41
                                        • d%A
                                        • 18 Aug 2021

                                        I love it. Its compact unlike most tablet size phones today.