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Samsung Galaxy A50

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  • blahblah

JackSally, 12 Apr 2020Which is the better phone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro or t... moreMy best friend has a xiamo note 8 pro .A50 has an amoled screen that's it.Overall it's way better than the a50.Best bang for the buck mate.

  • Mastercairus

JackSally, 12 Apr 2020Which is the better phone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro or t... moreBuy redmi note 8 pro. More futureproof processor.

  • Anonymous

Got the One UI 2.0 update last April 11, 2020. ~1.4GB. Philippines

Sachin Kumar, 11 Apr 2020Nice phone.. I am using this phone from 3 month.. But in In... moreI have one A50 and S10 a10 is updated to one UI 2.0 and android 10
No updates on a50

  • JackSally

Which is the better phone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro or the Samsung A50?
Is the One UI enough to make it better?

Trollerlel009, 12 Apr 2020A71 or Mi 9T ProBuy S10 lite which has Snapdragon 855 processor

Mastercairus, 11 Apr 2020Which is more worth the upgrade from my A50? Galaxy S9/S9+ ... moreA71 or Mi 9T Pro

  • A50 lover

After upgrade android 10, bettery drained fast. Corection please. Thanks

JackSally, 11 Apr 2020Has the fingerprint scanner problem been fixed?When I got this phone I also had problems with fingerprint sensor. It is my first phone with fingerprint sensor built in screen. I can't say there is no problems, but I used to it and don't have major problems. Sometimes it's hard to unlock and you have to use pin. There were days that fingerprint won't even recognise. So I believe there are still some problems but I hope that they will solve that in future updates...

  • Jay

Hey android 10..... iOS 13 wants to know your location......

  • Anonymous

After updating to android 10, playing online mobile game (omg) is a pain. The omg get disconnected merely 2 to 3 minutes run in the background.

In era of multitasking, this phone cannot even do 2 things at the same.

Never experienced this for android pie.

So disturbance and disgusting, playing omg on this phone now.

  • Tosh

Am from kenya,are all Samsung Galaxy a50 upgradable to android 10?

  • Naveen

Still I'm Not Getting Any Updates Please tell Me Android 10 Release Date In India

  • Anonymous

Teeloba, 12 Apr 2020Samsung A50 overheating and rapid battery lose after Androi... moreMine is still as good as it was before android 10. Give more informations or report to samsung.

  • Anonymous

zond, 11 Apr 2020I believe my own experience and sharing it will other users... moreI really have an A50. And I checked jerry's video at 5:37 he was speaking about the fingerprint scanner, when he did confirm your words? He showed in the video the scratch resistance that is on par with gorilla glass 3, same as gorilla glass 5.

  • Rastic

Mero Mero, 11 Apr 2020I newly bought this phone and I have upgraded it to android... morePlease will you lost your files after upgrading t on android 10 version?

  • Teeloba

nobody, 05 Apr 2020just got the android 10 update and the phone is weirdly ove... moreSamsung A50 overheating and rapid battery lose after Android 10 update

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020Jerryrigeverything is a trustworthy reviewer. I believe him... moreI believe my own experience and sharing it will other users and I don't listen to a guy without name from internet who can't buy a samsung a50 to test it himself.
Even your trust friend jerry confirmed my words. Look at his video timecode 5:37

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020No loss of any data after updateThanks man I will upgrade mine now

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2020I have had the Galaxy A50 for a few months now and a while ... moreIt did same thing to me