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Anonymous, 21 Mar 2021Is anyone in arabic country got android 11 /one ui 3.1 update?No update in UAE

  • Anonymous

Is anyone in arabic country got android 11 /one ui 3.1 update?

After 11 update 6/128 version become great. I do gaming, right now gaming experience is very good in PUBG/COD/FREEFIRE

Gul, 20 Mar 2021A50 was the worst phone for me ever since i started using s... moreI think you get the defected one

  • Gul

A50 was the worst phone for me ever since i started using smartphone about ten years ago. Every time i have to restart it for Charging. Charging port not working. Vibration has gone long before. And now flash light has stopped working. It's a pack of garbage now. I wanna get rid of it.

  • Anonymous

After updating to android 11, i cant find the cache there any way to enable cache , pls help me

  • Ursula12

Im Using my A50 For 1yr Now and Still Works Really Good and No Lags.. Gaming is Really Nice with Game Plugins, Camera is Still Fine without OIS but Its Ok, Waiting for Android 11 and Overall Its Still in Prestine Condition No Issues. I would Recommend this Phone.. Dont mind the Samsung Haters They Just Force you to Buy Other Brands.. Samsung is Really Great...

  • Dally

I've used it for over one year and it still serves like brand new

Mustajab, 17 Mar 2021Which country?well I originally got this in India and am now using it in USA

beep bop boop, 16 Mar 2021got OneUI 3.0 (Android 11) and it is really smooth, the pho... moreWhich country?

  • Swagg

Android 11..3.1 ui received am from Ghana

got OneUI 3.0 (Android 11) and it is really smooth, the phone is better than ever now due to this update

  • Deggy

Android 11 one UI 3.1..from phil

  • Bosco

Android 11 One Ui 3.1 received. I'm from Malaysia.

2 Year Review:

Felt like i need to make a review after using this for 2 years.

So, my model is A505FN. Bought this device through a contract in Makedonski Telekom (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), aka Macedonian Telekom, through a contract. In 2019 this device just had what i needed. It was a tough choice between getting this, Redmi Note 7 Pro and the A70, but given that i had used Samsung Devices before, and liked how Samsung came to the scene with this refreshed A series, i got this device instead. Previously i owned the J7 2016, and in the beginning it was fine.

The first year, everything was great. I was blown away from the camera, the ultra wide and all the cool stuff it had to offer. Later on i even got an update which added super slow - mo. That was really great.

Gaming performance was okay. It did heat up a bit, but that was normal given that it was an Exynos processor.
I was first thinking of getting the A70, but i didn't because of the screen size, given that I'm not a huge fan of very massive devices. However i do now regret not getting it, as that one has a Snapdragon processor, slightly bigger battery and faster 25W charging. Let's not forget that there's also a Gcam support on the A70, given that it has a Snapdragon processor. Developers simply don't want to bother making a gcam port on a cheap device with Exynos processor that doesn't have camera2api enabled.

So, aside from Performance battery was also great and my experience with OneUI has been great.
I have the 4GB ram model and it's just enough for my needs. 128gb of internal storage is also enough, but i have paired it with another 128gb of expandable storage as well.

Battery wise, this device used to give me easy 7 hours SoT with medium usage, and 6 hours SoT with heavy usage. Now, 2 years later i get around 6 hours SoT with medium usage and 5 hours SoT with heavy usage. But that's normal and acceptable as the battery tends to wear out over time. So i might need to replace it in the future.

2 years later, the demand for me playing games on my phone has dropped. Most of the games i play are on my computer which is powerful enough. I do have some games on my phone as well, which i do play from time to time but in general I don't play nothing demanding so performance is not a huge issue, although I have to say that i haven't really noticed any performance drop these 2 years, despite being an Exynos processor.

So overall for all the stuff, 2 years now this device has held me well, I'm glad i made a wise choice and this device is keeping up with all my needs. It's still fast, it's still fluent, there are no random freezedowns. Battery drain isn't a thing, although I have had some apps using the battery abnormally, so for that i just got rid of most of the bloatware, system and pre - installed applications and tweaked the settings so that isn't really an issue now. Camera is decent for my needs, as i said and overall I'm satisfied.
Would i recommend to buy this now? Absolutely yes, but for a similar price you can get the A51 or aim for the A71 as that one has a Snapdragon processor, which doesn't heat up that much, has a better battery optimization and proper support for Gcam. And price wise from A50 to A51 and from A70 to A71, there's not that much of a difference.

I'm eagerly waiting for the Android 11 update, and i will instantly update once i get it.

Another thing to note is yes, there's far better devices than this and for even cheaper price. It all depends on your choices and needs. I'm satisfied with what Samsung has to offer, but you might find yourself getting a Xiaomi device instead. It's all up to you. They make better devices for cheaper as well.

But one thing i can assure you is that One UI > MIUI at least for me.

I have had a chance to use a Redmi 8 and play with it for a while. It's not bad. With gcam it destroys the A50 but there's something in the software, it's too cluttered, tons of unsorted settings, advertisements, more bloatware and what not.

So pretty much, that's it. 2 years, and still rocking with the A50.

I am In UK and I didn't received the new Patch...

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021Probably next month, cuz I got the security patch for last ... moreYep, same here and I don't think there will be any update before a gap of one month.

  • Anonymous

Matthew Abeke, 12 Mar 2021I'm based in Nigeria, anyone has any idea when the And... moreProbably next month, cuz I got the security patch for last month 2 days ago 🤦‍♂️

  • Sanii

When will the new UI 3.0 update come into Pakistan?

  • Anonymous

Btama, 13 Mar 2021I buy this phone March 12, 2021 and it come today at 11 a&#... more2 yrs now no issues yet