Samsung Galaxy A50s

Samsung Galaxy A50s

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  • Malo

Pls do not buy samasung phone ...mother board problem auto restart problem comes after 1 year ...9500 rs cost to repair ...fraud

  • Aiyad

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021worst phone .after 15 months of purchase it shows failure ... moreSame problem faced

  • sumith

Samsung should recall for A50s because it restart every after 3/4 months when u repaired it from Samsung service.i am tired fo A50s as I paid 549000 mmk cash for it but useless phone now.

  • sumith

Samsung A50s is a bad one that get restart ever after u bought.i have bought one n feeling so sad that I want to left Samsung brand because it do not care for customers.

  • sumithlzyd

loki1990, 03 Sep 2021Phone restart problem just faced after 1 year of phone purc... moreme too getting restart problem by ph showing only Samsung A50s n can not do anything,better to replace it.

  • Anonymous

Lol check the price, something like $1200. For an a50??

  • Nick

This is the worst phone i ever had, alot of error, camera very slow and unresponsive(camera takes a picture 2-5 seconds after pressing the shutter), the keyboard and touchscreen is horrible, alot of error when typing. Suddenly restart by itself And signal internet or gps often lost. This is crap

  • loki1990

Phone restart problem just faced after 1 year of phone purchase. Company to please recall all devices.

  • Prakash vasava

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2021worst phone .after 15 months of purchase it shows failure ... moreSame problem

  • burra

this phone is not recommended due to mother board problems, restarts automatically.
please recall these phones by the samsung company immediately.

  • Anonymous

worst phone .after 15 months of purchase it shows failure in charging .shown to authorized service center ,replace the charging port,problem continues,they told the problem with mother bord,will cost 8k .a phone which cost 22k ,will only last for 15 months,
what a worst brand samsung

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone in nov 2020, faced no issue at all. Works smooth and fine. The thing I didnt like is that samsung removing 1080@60fps in android 11 update.

  • Anonymous

phone getting restarted all time. i bought the phone online.
Issue started just after one month of warranty period, so i cannot get free repair of phone.

  • Wasim Khan

Over Heat And restart problem wrost product

  • alwil

A50s purchased in June 2020, going through frustrating time. It's August 2021,this phone goes on/off on its own, gets heated up in the process. I am really disappointed.

  • KD

I bought my Galaxy A50s in Feb 2020. Im taking good care of it and was satisfied with the performance until today. I am playing as usual then it suddenly froze then restart for the first time. After that, it keeps on restarting even when I am not playing. I guess this is a common issue as I am seing similar comments below. It still have more than 50% free storage so this wont be the issue. I am so sad right now.

PS: I have my Sony Xperia XA for 5 years already and my only issue here is the internal storage which is admittedly small when I bought it. But the performance is still good.

  • Mbrrr

Why so many people said this phone is so bad? I'm a user of this phone, no lagging and no have restart issue. Overall good for this phone. Maybe you're all threw this phone to the wall and say bad performance phone lol

  • Anonymous

premkumar219, 15 Jul 2021Bought A50s in Nov 2020, Now I am getting issues with the p... moreSamsung a50s is a totally defective model. Spent 19000 but having major issues in motherboard just after over of warranty. Not to invest even a rupee on samsung. A50s is a failure. Company should recall the model.

  • Anonymous

I trashed my a50s now, bought it in Indonesia with an extra 1 year warranty-wrong move, now I am back in the Philippines, it needed a motherboard replacement after a year an a half and I had no hope anymore. What a waste of money

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I ever seen till now,even support also very bad and after this we decided like should not for any samsung item