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  • Bruh

Don't get this get Samsung a52 5g it's way more better for gamers

  • WHO AM I

Okey2cute, 14 May 2021 A51 and A70 which one should i buy pls let me know cos i d... moreBoth are outdated models, always go for a newer one A52 or A72 depending on your budget

  • GalaxyA51user

GSMArena says the Russia A51 is A515F/DSM, but my A51 Russia model in Settings is A515F/DSN🤔

  • Ben ben

Okey2cute, 14 May 2021 A51 and A70 which one should i buy pls let me know cos i d... moreHi,ive no experience of galaxy a70 bt im currently using galaxy a51.. Its good but battery drain abit fast.It can't last you a full day when busy in use.

.... My Specs rating for a51 is 7/10

A51 and A70 which one should i buy pls let me know cos i dnt want regret my purchase thanks

A51 and A70 which one should i buy pls let me know cos i dnt want regret my purchase thanks

  • Feedback

I switched from a Galaxy S8 (purchased in 2017) to the Galaxy A51 (purchased in July 2020). I've had the phone for over 10 months now, and here are some of my observations, which will probably be a lot of comparison with the S8.

Screen - while I was quite comfortable with the S8's screen, the curvature was always getting in the way since it was quite easy to hit something in the curved part of the screen. Also made the screen a bit more delicate I think. The A51 has a regular screen so no such worries there. It's possible to use the phone without a case since the phone itself is not too slippery compared to the S8.

Battery - Far better battery life now. I can actually unplug the phone in the morning and recharge it the next morning. It easily lasts about 18 hours with moderate use (no heavy video streaming etc.). The phone does heat up with fast charging. It's better to charge at the normal speed.

General performance - I have the version with the Exynos chip (not Qualcomm). While I don't believe that there's any major difference between the two SOC's, there's a noticeable speed difference between the S8 and A51, with the older S8 seemingly much faster during the phone startup phase, app launch, smoother scrolling. The A51 does stutter when hot, which indicates that there's substantial thermal throttling

Camera - good results. It's got more controls than the S8, probably because there are more lenses and you can do more with the camera. Low-light pictures are good as well for the price.

Notable frustrations - The face unlock and the fingerprint sensor under the screen both suck. The face unlock needs a decent amount of light to work well. The fingerprint sensor is absolutely horrible. It fails to recognize the fingerprint 2/3 times. This is a very low success rate. It would have been better to use a fingerprint sensor behind the phone, which to me personally, is a much more natural location to use the index finger quickly and easily. Also, that sensor is probably cheaper and has had its bugs ironed out in all these years.

Hope this info helps.

  • Kojo

I live in Qatar and bought this phone January 2020, and till date i have none of the problems you have written about. So wonder which versions of the phone some of you have and just this morning i received update from one UI 3.0 to 3.1

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2021Alright, so I have had this phone over a year now. It aint ... moreI love this phone it's my favorite I've had it for alittlw over 4 months and I've had no problems. No over heating, no lagging, and the battery lasts me almost 2 days. Those problems you experienced could result from viruses cause by well let's just say too many erotic sites visited in a short time. Or very questionable sites accessed as well

  • Anonymous

MintChoco, 10 May 2021I should be listen other people when they said this phone d... moreHi I purchased this phone for a mere $100 and it's the best I don't have any problems since the OS updated to andriod 11 it has ran so smooth picture quality is perfect, quality of calls received are very clear, and I love this phone and I suggest you try to make sure your uodated

  • sisu

Very bad fingerprint sensor, I regret buying this phone.

  • Eddie

This is likely the worst phone I've had in recent memories. The reception is of average quality, and the features merely adequate. The absolutely worst part, is that the phone would automatically switch to safe mode for no reason. And it does so frequently. At this time, there will be a pop-up message to "click and turn off safe mode". I clicked it, and the phone rebooted. The phone is still stuck in the safe mode. The only way to turn it off is to reboot manually. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find any way to completely switch off the safe mode. After getting the phone for about 3 months, I basically don't use it any more. It is the most annoying and the absolutely the worst feature I have encountered.

  • Ans

Worst, it is breaking network and very poor sensors

  • MintChoco

I should be listen other people when they said this phone doesn't worth it to buy. Goddamn, now i wasted my money. Like other people said, the heat problem, the laggy, and now the phone just literally died. I just used it like 1 years and now the problem come fast than my money. Samsung disappointed me really hard.

  • Anonymous

Just got received the May update.

  • WHO AM I

All of a sudden, any application gets disconnected after couple of minutes. Restarting the phone daily, but never reset since July 2020

Suggestions are thankfully welcomed

  • Rajiv

My daddy bought this phone on July month 2020 still it works fantastic my sister and me itself likes to use my dad's phone permanently camera speed everything works fantastic

  • Anonymous

Alright, so I have had this phone over a year now. It aint worth the money. This phone is actual trash. First, it overheats like crazy. The battery is draining really fast, but it charges slow af. Today I literally just turned the phone on, went on snapchat, and then the phone dies. Well It didnt die, when I turn it on it says Samsung Galaxy A51 and just freezes. For the love of Dear God, do NOT buy this phone. It sucks.

  • Dezlite

just got april 2021 patch, but no android 11 one ui 3! hurry up samsung!!!

  • Anonymous

FAZ, 03 May 2021Very bad experience of this Samsung model. Began with heati... moreReply with "Heating issue is always manufacturer's fault since device HAS included thermal controls and thottling function to handle heat buildup", unless you disassembled device it IS manufacturer responsibility within warranty.