Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51

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  • Lin

This A51 would be my last 4G smartphone before change to 5G smartphone on next three years coming...

  • Bermo bandit

can't wait for the a51 release only 1 more day to go, defo gonna buy it.

  • Anonymous

Ron7x, 20 Dec 2019I wish there will be a 5G version of it. 5G is bad for you

Not one clown "reviewer" talks about the intrusive vertical screen notch at the right top side of the screen! Just a bunch of dills making videos because they can. Of course the notch is masterfully photoshopped out in the pictures.

  • anna

When will it be available in Europe

  • Aditya Warman

when samsung A51 release

LTPS, 24 Dec 20194000 mah battery with 15w charger !!! not gooooood !!! That battery is enough for more than a day depending on my usage, wouldn't bother leaving it charging every night while sleeping.

  • Esdykay

RAJAN, 24 Dec 2019camera quality is very poorSamsung camera can never be poor. Their 8mp is better than huawei's 20mp

  • Anonymous

I hope it comes to canada with the A71


camera quality is very poor

  • LTPS

4000 mah battery with 15w charger !!! not gooooood !!!

  • Chuser

Hope it will release in the philippines this 2020. I know it has a lot to compete but hopeits affordable

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2019This phone is the best mid-range at the moment. But fortunately ... moreAbsolutely right!
They don't even come close to Huawei in mid range phones. Emui is known for stability and long term use. All Samsung mid range haven't had a good camera.

  • Lim

Good choice for use...

  • Anonymous

This phone is the best mid-range at the moment. But fortunately for Samsung, Huawei is still banned to launch new phones with Google, otherwise i am sure Samsung would have no chance...

What would be the estimated price of this device on AMAZON not in stores :3

  • Ron7x

I wish there will be a 5G version of it.

  • Anonymous

This phone DOES have 4K recording. Funny enough even on front camera. A YouTuber got his hands on this phone and showed the 4K recording option in the settings

  • Sharif

Is this camera have night mode ??

  • Anonymous

Shame on Samsung , 18 Dec 2019I saw A70 in one of my friends. Beautifully designed, lovely dis... moreA70 speaker volume is extremely low...but A50 is Ok