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  • 11 Apr 2023

things that samsung change and gsmarena review doesn cover:
good things:wifi modem is changed-previous a5x models cant go beyound 72 Mbps speed,now it goes up to 120 mbps
front camera hole is now smaller
bad news:display is still glass oled type
whole phone looks cheap and its frame edge rubbing against my fingers-the paint there will vanish soon

    Ray, 11 Apr 2023Tere are fool and idiot people who want to prove that A52s... moreA54 better heat

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      • 11 Apr 2023

      Cosmin, 11 Apr 2023Went fron 52s to A54, camera is better, faster focus and st... moreCosmin bro...... You are lying .. You don't have A54..... neither you had A52s.... ... You are xiaomi or vivo low budget user....
      More over A54 battery is very good.... I am using A54 right now

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        • 11 Apr 2023

        TechGeek132, 10 Apr 2023Anyone who is arguing that the A52s camera is better than A... moreTere are fool and idiot people who want to prove that A52s is better than A54...... This are redmi and realme user who don't know about software experience....

        A54 has better camera , better display, better battery, better build quality, better network , better night camera, better speaker , better haptic feedback

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          • 11 Apr 2023

          Went fron 52s to A54, camera is better, faster focus and stuff, but the battery is trash. My 16 month old 4500mAh was lasting more than this new 5000mAh. Copyed all setings and added dark mode, and use 60hz.

            So GSMarena just did the battery test for the Galaxy A34 and it scored 133h 🔥 🔥

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              • 11 Apr 2023

              Some people just forcefully thinking this is a downgrade camera. God

                Razor200, 10 Apr 2023Proved that the A54 ISP is an upgrade over the A52s https:... moreAnyone who is arguing that the A52s camera is better than A54's is delusional.

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                  • 10 Apr 2023


                    AutoFocus, 10 Apr 2023For what ? 😄Proved that the A54 ISP is an upgrade over the A52s

                      TechGeek132, 09 Apr 2023Any Galaxy A546U or A546B owners here? (American or European)?"Any Galaxy A546U or A546B owners here? (American or European)?"
                      The "U" models mean American, and "B" means international/European.

                        AutoFocus, 09 Apr 2023Samsung process nodes are usually inferior to TSMC even Qua... more"Samsung process nodes are usually inferior to TSMC even Qualcomm recently burnt their fingers when they fabricated their SD 8 gen 1 processors in Samsung process node that compromised chip efficiency quite a lot even though its performance was good."
                        Only their 5 nm and 4nm process node.
                        They will come back with a good process node.

                          AutoFocus, 09 Apr 2023Quote: "Stop repeating the same lie again. If Samsun... more"Reply:
                          🤣 If Samsung had process node issues as you fantasize they can approach TSMC instead and they will manufacture chips for whoever approaches them.

                          "Samsung themselves will want to put Exynos again, they know that is good.
                          And you're the minority that hates Exynos."

                          🤣🤣Yes...Samsung wants to put crapynos again and again to lower cost of production and increase margin at any cost. Only you are the minority of minority who loves crapynos 😆"
                          First Quote: 😂🤣, Nope, Samsung won't let the competition manufactures their own chipsets while they can do it, even if they have struggled in their latest process node.
                          Second Quote: 😂🤣Stop the cap, lmao.
                          Samsung will put Exynos for better price and better quality experience, you're the only who hate Exynos and loves, garbage Qualcomm/Mediatek, you're minority.

                            Razor200, 10 Apr 2023Check yours as well 😂🤣 For what ? 😄

                              Razor200, 10 Apr 2023"Reply: No it doesn't. The only area Exynos 1280 ... moreNo evidence to back your claim.

                                TechGeek132, 09 Apr 2023The Dimensity 7200's 2+6 CPU is faster than Exynos 138... moreShow Proof.
                                isn't faster.

                                  AutoFocus, 09 Apr 2023Quote: "If you want a flagship Exynos processor in a m... more"Reply: It is an utter trash phone even to get it in 2021. You may upgrade your current 8 year old Exynos 7420 junk to this F62 as it may offer lesser trash experience 🤣🤣
                                  Reply: Stop being ignorant and misunderstanding all my comments 😂🤣
                                  I suggested a good phone that has a good Exynos processor for a good price.
                                  The current S6 edge+ that I still have, I only use it as my second-hand device, I've the Galaxy S8 and the S20 Ultra as well for a better replacement for the old S6 edge+ that served me for years, better have an Exynos 7420 chipset in your second had phone than a Qualcomm 400 series junk/garbage or Shitty Mediatek Helio P series that are mediocre and worst in doing the job well compared against that old Exynos 😂🤣

                                    TechGeek132, 09 Apr 2023Exynos 1380 has one advantage in that it uses a 4×16bit LPD... moreHas better CPU, ISP, and efficiency, not only has one advantage.

                                      AutoFocus, 09 Apr 2023Quote: "Exynos 1380 also is better in ISP and efficien... more"Reply: No it doesn't. The only area Exynos 1280 made parity with 2021 SD 778G is on CPU cores performance as the Exynos 1380 now started using 4x A78 cores at similar clocks as on SD 778G. In all other areas of the chip performance and capabilities, the Exynos 1380 is still inferior as usual."
                                      Nope, not only made parity in CPU, in other areas like ISP and efficiency has advantage, is superior.

                                        TechGeek132, 09 Apr 2023Did you just say that the A54 has better battery life than ... moreHas similar battery.