Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

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AnonD-149126, 03 Dec 2015cons of Galaxy A5 -No USB host feature -4.7" OR 5" screen... moreMaybe for you a 5.2 inch display is too big, but for me it is the BEST size!

  • amit nanakani

MAS, 02 Dec 201520k USD? It sure will be cheaper than that :)Spekar audio a best

  • Anonymous

AnonD-149126, 03 Dec 2015cons of Galaxy A5 -No USB host feature -4.7" OR 5" screen... moreSays the phone complaining about a phone that announced yesterday!!!!!!...yesterday!!

  • deshawn cousins

cant wait to buy this phone. hopefully available in the philippines this december

  • Anonymous

What is the back of this phone made of? metal, glass or plastic?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-149126, 03 Dec 2015cons of Galaxy A5 -No USB host feature -4.7" OR 5" screen... moreFirst of all the phone has just released and ofcourse the specs hasnt been given out yet

  • AnonD-149126

cons of Galaxy A5
-No USB host feature
-4.7" OR 5" screen size is enough, but it has 5.2"
-No talk time & stand by time us mentioned
-Processor name also not mentioned

  • AnonD-269821

must b overpriced...not worthy to purchase...should rather wait for S7...if someone can afford it...

  • AnonD-442843

Finally a good speced Alpha series phone by samsung. The original A5 was a good phone except the CPU Snapdragon 401 1.2Ghz quad core which was really poor in terms of some future proofing considering the A5s asking price. Other than the CPU the A5 was a well built, quality phone. There may be some better speced cheap Chinese phones, but Chinese is Chinese cheap quality, not long lasing, really awful customer support.

  • AnonD-463899

au, 02 Dec 2015Much like the Xperia z3.similar characteristics as lg g2, which is two years old which costs 200 $ , and the galaxy a5 will cost 450 $ minimum order .samsung known for abnormal high prices of medium and high class of their phone.

  • htcdeo

its time to cricitise Samsung for its naming as gsm editors have done on other manufactures, a7 (2016)

  • AnonD-469497

Perfect phone!!
SAMMY please Stop this crap!!!
We do not want out fingerprints to be online everywhere!!!! .-

Very nice phone..supported fast charge..nice is the best...

  • au

Much like the Xperia z3.

  • AnonD-346950

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2015Nothing much has been changed. Not worthy to be purchased.everything changed they added finger print sensor, OIS , full HD Display and exynos octa core CPU yeah nothing ? it is almost similar to Galaxy S6 now with less camera mp and sd card slot

  • Anonymous

Well..this phone looks ok.. But why cant make it 3100mah like the z3 i mean the thickness is the same at 7.3mm

  • Anonymous

Well done Samsung. Amoled 1080p screen, fingerprint sensor, fast charging all in one package.

  • Falesh

om, 02 Dec 2015It will be gr8 if its price is below 20k & launch date ... more20K lol.
converting some price leak it comes near 29K which may cross 30K in india. And rem old A series are also no cheap.

  • AnonD-81051

Will be my next smartphone,

  • olikomerc

It's very heavy, the old model was around 120gr, this will be 155gr, too much... no thanks