Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

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  • Jaro

Today i received 1 September patch. Around 85.9MB

Still keeping this as my backup phone, still in perfect condition.

  • Khan

It's a v good mobile.

  • RipplyPower5362

I really loved this phone. It's snappy, has a pixel dense 1080P OLED display and overall a great phone. This is technically not relevant but recently my screen broke (from physical damage). Because it's got an OLED panel the repair is quite pricey. The battery life on the phone was great but not so much after two years of use. I'm confident the A5 could compete with half of the 2020 A series line up.

  • Bob Z.

Sounds like dust or a particle caught in the charging slot on the phone. Clean out with a plastic dental pick or shave down a toothpick as the gap is very small.

  • Mir

sani7777, 13 Oct 2020i bought this phone month after release, with original case... moreback up your data and format/factory reset your phone.. and it will run like a horse again.

  • Mir

JJS, 16 Oct 2020I love my phone as can't get compact size with decent ... moreYes.. it can be fixed.
usb port on your phone can be replaced and battery can be replaced as well.

  • JJS

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2020Hi dear, Regarding the fast charging not working try using... moreI love my phone as can't get compact size with decent spec, had from new, after latest update it drained power faster and also won't take charge, I done all the checked and just about managed to force some charge by connecting weird angle and pressure so I can extract my files etc. Is it worth try get this repaired - anyone similar issue? can it be fixed?

  • JJS

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2020I got one from my mum this month as a secondary phone. Afte... moreMine started to use up power faster and charge port intermittently won't charge, couples later now it won't charge at all, disappointing

  • Techhead

It's been 3+years it works just as good as a new phone

Awesome job Sammy!

  • sani7777

i bought this phone month after release, with original case, which glows when you get a call or sms. i bought it cuz i wanted something not so expensive but funtional, to play pokemon go. 3 frikn years, in snow and hottest summer, 1000 fell on screen on floor, nothing happened, but after 3 years it slowly shows sings of tiredness, gorrila glass and alu case plus the original cover, best spent 300€, now searching for something new but dunno. tnx peace :)

  • Anonymous

I got one from my mum this month as a secondary phone. After 3 years and 3 months the phone is still very usable, great screen, good camera (it is reasonably sharp and have vibrant colors).
Samsung still give it security patch in August 2020.

The size is just perfect, can be held by one hand, and it's IP68 rating makes me less worry when it rains/my hands are wet.

This was literally the best phone I ever had (compared to before). I didn't have to watch out all the time as it was fairly affordable at 400$ and it's easy to repair. The load of features were wonderful. Sadly, no updates anymore and the phone has slowed down quite a lot. After that, U had an iPhone 7, switched back, now I have a Realme X2 pro.

  • hmdon

This phone i get it from 2018 and the phone so fast the big problem is small space

  • Ammar

Got august security patch update, rocking this device from 2017, still getting security patches and working so good, love this as my secondary device

  • Anonymous

Phone fantastic! I have had since launch and it has outlasted the charging cable it comes with!
Fast charging is great for a little boost during the day or if you forgot to plug it in overnight.
Plenty of storage, expandable. Still gets security updates (although it is on Android Oreo [8]) as of August 2020.
Only problem was small speck of dust getting in camera lens, which is apparently common with Samsung phones. Much better than my previous Alcatel!!

  • Hugosss

Jhuz, 20 Aug 2020Ive just received a update. Its august 2020 security update... moreSame too

  • Jaro

I received patch yesterday. Around 30MB

  • Jhuz

Ive just received a update. Its august 2020 security update. Mine is A520F.

  • ykphil

I've had this phone for 3 years and I am very happy with its performance. I have a 2020 Moto G fast but I decided to stick with the A5 which is way faster. The only issue with my A5 is the fingerprint sensor not working with one specific app although it works flawlessly with all my other apps.