Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

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  • Ahmed

There Are Some Wrong Information Here
The A5 2017 Will Be IP68 Certified Not IP67,Also It Can Be Sumberged Up To 1.5 Meter not 1,It will be released with marshmallow 6.0.1 based on grace ux...
Please Correct Your Info
By The Way The Phone Will Support Always On Display Feature
The Price Will Be Arround 380$

  • Anonymous

This is tempting. I have an A5 2016, but with the new one which is water resistent, Twice as much Memory (from 16 to 32) and 3GB of ram...... Not to mention the Camera....( From 13 to 16) Battery as well (2900 to 3000) Then the new Processor with 1.9GHZ compared to 1.6GHZ -.- Should I like shell out another $380?

  • Eddy

Still no Gyro ??

  • Anonymous

Glass backs are horrible!!!!!!! should be made like S7's........I wait for new nokias !!!

  • Anonymous

tmtshtb, 28 Dec 2016i hope its going to be a true refreshment of A5(16)... cons... moreforget it, this will have A53 cores only so it's low end

  • mkara

Samsung products are getting uglier and uglier. After seeing the picture I'm not checking the specifications.

  • Godhekya

give at least 4k video recoding

i hope its going to be a true refreshment of A5(16)... considering A5(16) is a low-end-performance-phone-packed-in-glass-and-metal (due to its bad GPU)

  • Fede.m

Relax people, for what i saw some info here is wrong, a5(7) has usb type C and gyroscope, also gives a 60k benchmark on antutu just like the moto z play.
I think this is gona be a excelent phone the only con is gona be the price because u can get a op3t for the price.

  • Chandon

this phone price is too high . this not med reng phone .I can't by it ...............

AnonD-608429, 27 Dec 2016If this phone doesn't have a gyroscope,this is going to be ... moreI've watched a hands on video of A5 17 on YouTube, and it has Gyro sensor, so i think A 17 series would be the first Samsung midranges that support VR

  • mimi

a 100 $ less and it would be great. For this price, you have better flagships alternative.

  • Anonymous

450 ? wow overpriced better buy a oneplus 3t

  • AnonD-608429

If this phone doesn't have a gyroscope,this is going to be a bust for Samsung. I need a gyro for VR and I have an outdated Samsung Galaxy s4. I want this phone now that it's going to be waterproof but I don't want to get rid of my VR

  • AnonD-625407

god but not very god

  • AnonD-559518

No 4k video?
No gyroscope?

  • RajPurohit

Is it volte phone ?

  • Vin

Look like a Samsung Galaxy S4/S3

  • Lucky

Mini Beast

  • SKVR

Have you gone made or something, 40k without 4K and just for 3 GB RAM, nd wht abt processor.