Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)

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  • nulfa
  • Khs
  • 27 Feb 2022

Have been using this phone since 2018. The camera was really good. Overall everything is oc until today. But the phone getting more slow may be because the it has only 32GB

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    • M H
    • 3@x
    • 16 Feb 2022

    one of the most rigid phones ever, I have had this phone since 2018, it is perfect, you can take it into a battle and it will not be harmed

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      • kamal
      • 3Gx
      • 26 Nov 2021

      I bought in 2018, and it's still going solid. Obviously, this is an excellent product.

        Actually you can upgrade android 10.0, my a6+ can upgrade to android 10

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          • Anonymous
          • KgV
          • 18 Oct 2021

          it was good for a long while but recently the battery has been draining really fast even though i've been maintaining battery usage of my apps religiously. i'm not a heavy user either. just turning the wifi on already drains the battery (turning it off makes a huge difference, but it does affect my usage because i need the phone to anticipate work calls).

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            • Xyz
            • Dk}
            • 15 Oct 2021

            Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Hi I saw a second hand a6 with a pretty much decent price i... moreI have a Samsung a6 plus with excellent condition without any scrach on body without any damage till now

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              • man jab
              • pFD
              • 12 Oct 2021

              Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Hi I saw a second hand a6 with a pretty much decent price i... moreyeah bro go for it the last securitypaych is soo stable
              i don't recommend it for pubg but for a low price it is good

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                • Anonymous
                • sxr
                • 12 Oct 2021

                Hi I saw a second hand a6 with a pretty much decent price is this still usable in 2021? I'm trusting the UI of Samsung's One UI cause my mom have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) but given this phone's equipped with a slow processor, is the UI stable in this phone?

                  • S
                  • Sam
                  • t1$
                  • 26 Sep 2021

                  Bruno, 10 Sep 2021Which is better this or samsung S7 Edge Snapdragon variant?I dont know about S7 edge....In my view after using A6+ more than 3years,It is one of the best mobile phone of,battery backup,superamoled display and build quality everything just superb..but yes it only upgradable android 10..No android 11 still date...

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                    • Bruno
                    • 3bm
                    • 10 Sep 2021

                    Which is better this or samsung S7 Edge Snapdragon variant?

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                      • Sree
                      • DkP
                      • 26 Aug 2021

                      If you use it with better care and not to rough use, this would be better than any mobile with in the range of 20k. Only problem is the android update, it still running in android 10.
                      Camera quality is awesome and battery backup also. I'm using this from 2018 and it's crossed 3 year with me.
                      Don't think much like s series or don't compare with OnePlus. This one is quite awesome
                      Suprb display and audio quality with above average gaming experience.
                      It may heat sometimes and sometimes it will automatically restart if the storage almost full.
                      Overall A6+ is a good mobile

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                        • Jojoba
                        • xHH
                        • 27 Jun 2021

                        I just received notification on new update for security patch april, should i update it or not? I am afraid for the trouble comes after the update..

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                          • YoloBS
                          • YMm
                          • 22 Jun 2021

                          Does its has led notification and what abut is updates ?

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                            • gun
                            • X$j
                            • 17 Jun 2021

                            Buche, 16 Apr 2021NFC Opsional maksud nya bagaimana ya..?NFC in several country only, in Indonesia does not support

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                              • Kujtim Zymeri
                              • 8rJ
                              • 13 Jun 2021

                              Funboy, 05 May 2021The most overpriced phone released by samsung during that t... moreU are wrong or maybe no luck. I have the FN model dual sim. Sd 450 and 3 gb ram but it is perfect. The only bad thing no fast charging.

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                                • Anon
                                • wr1
                                • 27 May 2021

                                After approximately 2+ years of usage,i replaced the battery and charging port,i did use it quite a lot while charging and just attack the port myself so its my fault.
                                Using a cheap charger thats just really hot in a few mins will charge your phone quite fast.
                                Anyway the phone now takes up so much ram i only have 1,4 gb of it.well yeah sure the os is great and better.
                                About lagging issues,i had them when the phone is hot and thats to be expected,so it needs to rest.
                                Build quality so far is good if you have a case,i only had a few scratches because i didnt have a case at the time.

                                The random restart issues i only had them when i downloaded a shady file.well i think i just restarted the phone my self and it doesnt appear to randomly restart.side note: i figured somehow plugging my random earphone just restarted it and sometimes freezes the phone,somehow it doesnt do it anymore.

                                About fingerprint sensor. Its unusable since i always dirty it,covered with oil,got water on it and stuff.

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                                  • Funboy
                                  • K5g
                                  • 05 May 2021

                                  The most overpriced phone released by samsung during that time. After this disaster, samsung decided to change their pricing for A and J series

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                                    • Unhappy owner
                                    • 3@x
                                    • 29 Apr 2021

                                    Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Recently (about 4 weeks ago) I updated the software on my A... moreI am having the same problem. After updating my A6+ all google services are lagging behind and every time i want to use an app i have to go and clear the captcha to prevent lagging. I dont know what to do. I tried to clear the capcha and clear data and restarted multiple times but all google services are especially affected. I searched online a lot but i am not getting any answer. The only solution in front of me is to dump my phone and get a new one. I wish there is a better solution

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • xh3
                                      • 26 Apr 2021

                                      Recently (about 4 weeks ago) I updated the software on my A6+ and in a few days apps are crashing and the phone restart by itself. I know that I didn't any download any apps recently. I've been searching online about this problem and it says about game optimizer that causing the problem so I tried to uninstall it and the phone keep restarting by itself. Since I haven't reach out to samsung's service centre, the phone just died and keep showing "kernel panic" and "upload mode". Force Restart won't do anything also. I don't know if any other users have been experiencing the same as mine.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • npf
                                        • 20 Apr 2021

                                        Big phone