Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)

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  • Vipul Kajla

What the hell is wrong with you Samsung.... No waterproof and processor is only 450 what the hell worst.... They are just making fools of people

  • vibek

Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 so bad

  • Mi fan

what is wrong with samsung......are they stuck on 2015 or its their ego?

  • AnonD-649786

AnonD-682682, 02 May 2018SD450? 400eur? Realy? Xiaomi rules.LOL
zenfone max pro m1____SD636_____5000Mahh_____166$

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 450 for 400Euro ? And some people say Nokia 7 Plus is overpriced for having Snapdragon 660 and 26K price is in India

  • nico

Politikz, 01 May 2018Oh,come on samsung, at least give it snapdragon 660!there is an article here in the Philippines saying that it is snapdragon 625 not 450 but there are still confusions about the said processor

  • AnonD-682682

SD450? 400eur? Realy?
Xiaomi rules.

Sorry Samsung! You lost one customer because I was going to buy this phone but with SD 450! NO Never Ever!!!!

  • Teuu

Too big bottom bezels and too slow processor....should have been using sd636

  • samsung fanboy

Why would you ever buy this phone instead of samsung s7 edge?
its like 50 bucks more expensive.

  • Anonymous

Politikz, 01 May 2018Oh,come on samsung, at least give it snapdragon 660!are you kidding?i mean 660?samsung can not give us sd 630 and you r saying give us sd 660.think real this is samsung.the brand which always try to make money as much as possible

  • Anonymous

Except Processor, Everything of this smartphone is acceptable...

  • Aps

No fast charging at this price range. It is not expected from samsung

  • AnonD-726876

Shit comes again more Samsung this price range i will buy one note 5 pro and asus a1 pro

  • gringo

for half of the price (200 euro), you got redmi note 5 with better spec and better battery

  • AnonD-621054

samsung you move wrong way......

  • Politikz

Oh,come on samsung, at least give it snapdragon 660!

The only good thing about Samsung now are their flagships.
They are losing the low-middle range market cause Sammy has this Apple mindset to sell their mediocre spec'ed phone for a premium price.

Sammys middle range devices sucks.

  • AnonD-754797

user43, 24 Apr 2018Where did you see the price on this page? Because I can't ... moreits rumored it wont have a price