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Samsung Galaxy A70

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  • Anonymous

I updated the patch May in galaxy A70 but eis camcorder mode is not working in 1080p 30fps video even Super Steady eis video is not working video is very shaky not stable Camera version is a software bug, hopefully it will be fixed.

  • Louise

Paul, 28 May 2021It's not the charging port. The back casing is to flim... moreIts a common issue. I had the same experience with my a70 phone and I ended up changing the charging board port it worked for a while and then it stop working again so I had to buy a replacement for its charging flakes connector and now it works perfectly fine.


does it come in emerald green?

chats, 07 Jun 2021Bro I don't know if you are a hater or if you bought a... moreAgree, nice phone so far

Cheey, 05 Jun 2021Don't buy this mobile Camera quality not good Signa... moreBro I don't know if you are a hater or if you bought a copy, but don't generalize your opinion to others, I have this phone for 2 years now and it works flawlessly its one of the best midranger until now.

  • Cheey

Don't buy this mobile
Camera quality not good
Signal strength is very low .
Fingerprint sensor too bad response.

  • Lord Lillus

Anonymous, 31 May 2021I also have same problem. But i didn't update the andr... moreSame hwre, without and with the update to android11. Its the crap camera

  • Lord Lillus

To all A70 users: I fixed it after loosing network signal, (that circle symbol with the line),it detected sym but no network. Wifi ok.
I swapped the charging board with an ebay one. It was actually better quality than the oem. Charginng wads barey ok but loose, and signal was complete gone.
Now its good and phone works as it should. Fixed an expensive phone with a 8 dollars part all by muself watching a youtube tutorial.
If you have signal problems or no signal at all, thats the fix. This little board is the one that has the charging and earphone docks, and it had an antenna cable connection. For hence tbe issue.

  • Anonymous

Murtatg, 28 May 2021When i update Android 11 , i got problem in my camera i can... moreI also have same problem. But i didn't update the android version. The camera isn't focusing.

  • Jaz4fun

Samsung A70 wifi signal is weak compare to my samsung J2 pro. I test the distance in my house wifi around 20 meters samsung A70 lost connection but my J2 pro still connected.

All good since upgrading to version 11 am enjoying ma Samsung a70 thanks Samsung campany

  • Paul

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2021clean your charging port with a small object like a pinIt's not the charging port. The back casing is to flimsy which allows the internal connector on circuit board to come loose. If you push down on the back case just where Samsung logo is it will often start to charge again. Butits intermittent. Def a design flaw.

  • Paul

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021I have purchased samsung a70 but within warranty period I ... moreSame here, its been back to service department twice for failing to charge. And now its happened a third time. Definitely a design flaw.

When i update Android 11 , i got problem in my camera i can't capture anything. There's no focus at all..
What's us tge solution guys?
Should i back to Android 10??

How has the update changed the day to day life with the Android 11 Samsung One UI 3.1 , for me the update has improved my daily use of the phone;so far everything just works right and I have no problems with the phone. I hope it will be covered for a while, I know that it will be only be Security Patches but at least it will covered with Security and that is fine with me. Just my opinion with my phone.

nishant, 11 May 2021few days ago i shown update form samsung galaxy a70 than i ... moreBoot into safe mode (search in google)

Backup the important data in the phone memory including the databases folder of whatsapp (keep only the recently created database file and delete the rest). Thr contents of memory card will not be affected.

Do factory reset. Then restore everything from google and samsunh account. Login manually into all the installed apps.

The same happened to me in the April 2021 update. The firmware got corrupted. Then I did factory reset.

Jim, 18 May 2021Phone became worse off after Samsung update. Is this inten... morewe should refuse to update forever, problem solved.

Jim, 18 May 2021Phone became worse off after Samsung update. Is this inten... moreAs default unfortunately: normal, see Apple's case. But it does not goes to all phonemanufacturers, I have european version and one ui 3.1, and the phone just become better and better with andriod 11. Battery life etc.. very super now. But it often happens that phone makers only want you to buy newer phone, so they destroy phone with future updates... annoying but true, Nothing counts but only profit and $. shame on all tech and high tech companies. I hate them also. They think progress and advances are step forward, but it is not sustainable, regression MUST come, they utilize and misuse the nature and humans like you or me. If no one would buy any new phones, these shit companies would go bankrupt. But 95% of all people are like blind sheeps, and going to buy new phones....

  • Jim

Phone became worse off after Samsung update. Is this intentional? Just hate it when rich companies does that.

  • Jim

Phone became shit after Samsung's update. Is this intentional??!!!!