Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A70

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  • msw
  • 30 Nov 2022

No worries any more, our local service and mobile shop solved it, works fine again. latest FW was reistalled completely...

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    • n206
    • msw
    • 21 Nov 2022

    Hi Guys! Is there any solution for following: "Phone cannot be used without permission" IMEI "xxxxx" Emergency calls only.
    The phone operates normally in the " background", but I cannot unlock, cant get to the homescreen, airplane mode continuosly on. I tired software reinstall via odin, but same issue. Until now I had never had any problmes with my A70... Can service solve it maybe?
    Thank you!

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      • mr smart
      • 0RS
      • 28 Oct 2022

      Yrrah, 23 Jul 2022I think Samsung Galaxy A70 is the latest device from 2019, ... morethe a7 (2018) is not the a70(2019) re-named.. they are different phones.

        Chan, 04 Oct 2022Omg. Experiencing the same issue. I actually bought a cable... moresame bro, love the phone
        been using it since 2019, but the charging issue is creating problems in doing everyday tasks for me.
        I will check with other adopters as well, maybe my issue gets fixed as well.

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          • Redminote10s
          • PVa
          • 06 Oct 2022

          Best phone ive ever owned. Only problem was with reception and wifi signal but that wasn't even a huge problem

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            • Chan
            • 7Xa
            • 04 Oct 2022

            salman, 29 Aug 2022Hey guys, please help!! When I connect the original charge... moreOmg. Experiencing the same issue. I actually bought a cable at Samsung store thinking that the cable is the problem. Now that im on my second cable, its acting up again. I charged my phone using my ipad mini 6 charger and voila! Charging is working! Im almost at the edge of thinking of buying a new phone and almost hated this phone for months with the same issue as yours but its the charger itself and not my charging port! I wont buy anymore original USB-C cable for this and ill use my ipad mini 6 charger for a while until i can replace my phone. This phone is already with me since its release! Quite old now but still functions like any other phone out there however, battery is really an issue!

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              • 0pZ
              • 22 Sep 2022

              Anonymous, 21 Sep 2022how much then fot such phone factory battery Not really measured, but much better than before. Around 6-8 hours depending on usage. For me enough

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                • 123RX
                • p2q
                • 22 Sep 2022

                Bought in 2019.12, perfect battery, perfect screen, perfect performance. TERRIBLE SCREEN BROKE 2 TIMES.

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                  • NXT
                  • 21 Sep 2022

                  n206, 13 Jul 2022I bought original Samsung A70 factory Battery. produced 19.... morehow much then fot such phone factory battery

                    Anonymous, 11 Sep 2022Maybe you usb cable is bad. Try swiching other usb cablecable has not fault, tried it 5 other devices. Super Fast Charges them without any problem

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                      • 3@L
                      • 11 Sep 2022

                      salman, 29 Aug 2022Hey guys, please help!! When I connect the original charge... moreMaybe you usb cable is bad. Try swiching other usb cable

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                        • Mcnutt
                        • 63x
                        • 08 Sep 2022

                        Hey guys I guess thats it!

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                          • salman
                          • 6P4
                          • 29 Aug 2022

                          Hey guys, please help!!
                          When I connect the original charger, the the current keeps alternating. I mean it connects but the next second it disconnects and then again it connects, It keeps on going like this until I find a position where it becomes stable and finally charges my device.
                          I checked the charger with other devices and there is no problem with it. It chargers other devices without any problem.
                          I also checked my charging port with other cables and chargers, they also charge it fine.
                          Hence, I cannot understand what is the issue with original charger and my mobile.
                          If anyone of you faced this issue, kindly help me please
                          Thank you.

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                            • Neeraj
                            • vIc
                            • 17 Aug 2022

                            Using it for almost 3 years. So far very satisfied with it. Battery lasts at the least 24 hours. And yesterday there was a software update and phone is working as it should be.

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                              • Chano
                              • y6W
                              • 12 Aug 2022

                              Been using this phone for 3 yrs now. And I can say that its still a great midrange phone. Though the battery and camera is not as good as most midrange phones today, the display can still compete. For me, A70 started the popularity of A series.

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                                • Yrrah
                                • 7Xd
                                • 23 Jul 2022

                                I think Samsung Galaxy A70 is the latest device from 2019, formerly called A7 (2019) and its predecessor is Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). I guess Samsung changed their A series naming because it is usually much better to hear than the previous one. Following the Samsung Galaxy A71 in 2020, Samsung Galaxy A72 in 2021, and Samsung Galaxy A73 in 2022.

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                                  • 15 Jul 2022

                                  No wonder that battery seems to be gimmick, if it is a new phone, the battery is also 3 year old unfortunately. it was released 2019 march, so the battery dies if 3 years old without any charging.... I am satisfied with A70 after replacing new battery....

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                                    • Jazz
                                    • nxd
                                    • 14 Jul 2022

                                    Owned it for only 24hrs then had to return this rubbish to supplier. Even though the battery seems bigger but in reality discharge ridiculously fast and its camera doesn't pick the real colours. Its big screen & battery is just a gimmick. I and many others must be wishing that LG didn't have exited the market.

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                                      • n206
                                      • msw
                                      • 13 Jul 2022

                                      I bought original Samsung A70 factory Battery. produced 19.11.2020, my phone was bought 2019 juli. So3 years old. I live in central Europe, I found original battrey in a Slowakian webshop like "fixit" or so. Google is your friend. I let it exchange in a small phoneshop in my city. After my battery change I gained more jucie on my phone 2-3 days of charging cycle by my phone using habbits.

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                                        • Kanmi
                                        • xtS
                                        • 12 Jul 2022

                                        n206, 12 Jun 2022What is your battery backup time now, do you experience ext... moreI've been using mine since 2020, all of a sudden last the phone went off, try to charge it, it will indicate charging and cut.. , or it will start coming up and cut..
                                        A phoneshop suggest i change the battery which i did, but couldn't get an a70 battery but a samsung battery, which worked for about a week then off again..
                                        Until now when plugged in it will indicate charging and cut, what can i do?
                                        And how can i get an a70 battery?