Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A70

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  • Ziko

Jimi, 20 Feb 2020What are the first impressions? I don't know , It was my friend's phone.

Ziko, 20 Feb 2020Galaxy a70 has received android 10 update in Ukraine today What are the first impressions?

  • Ziko

Galaxy a70 has received android 10 update in Ukraine today

  • Loukas

emil, 18 Feb 2020Does it have screen recording feature?If you install Nice Shot (Samsung Good lock add-in) then yes. You can record your screen.

  • Anonymous

Arash Galaxy, 09 Jan 2020WARNING : WARNING Do not install the new Samsung update at all ... moreYes very fake Samsung updates

No, it doesn't, but I think it will do when it's updated to Android 10.

  • Bipin

After update my sound for media and bt connection doesn't work

  • Vampire

I got A70 Feb 13/20 and really like it. Being a moderate user I think I do not notice all of the little things that trouble hardcore users. For instance the fingerprint function works great for me. Even when my thumb is almost sideways it picks it up. Really a nice feature. As I explore more about the A70 the more I an so glad I upgraded from the Note 4. Note 4 was shutting down constantly. I has otterbox on note4 and that saved me thousands of dollars ever the years. I got the folding thingy for the A70 and love the feel in my hands. Totally impressed with this phone. 128G I will never use but love having it just in case.

  • emil

Does it have screen recording feature?

Wsm, 17 Feb 2020Guys I want to buy samsung phone. What about Galaxy A70. Give me... moreVery good phone with excellent battery back up. 2 dedicated SIM slot and 1 dedicated slot to expandable memory.

  • Wsm

Guys I want to buy samsung phone. What about Galaxy A70. Give me suggessions.

  • Anonymous

what about the January update is it good

  • Ahmad

Leobert, 06 Feb 2020Rightyes you are Rught samsung are rocks all time

  • Amirul

S . SUDHAKAR, 12 Feb 2020Yes. Dual VoLTE standby at a time.tnx

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2020Has it VoLTE service? Yes. Dual VoLTE standby at a time.

  • Anonymous

Has it VoLTE service?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2020Beyond satisfied with this device! The battery (the main sel... moreAlso...Initially, the fingerprint sensor was absolutely DREADFUL when it came to performance. However, like others have also indicated here, after the updates were installed, it worked very well. It's great to use now and feels excitingly futuristic!!

  • Anonymous

Beyond satisfied with this device!

The battery (the main selling point of this phone) is just, WOW! Consistently get at least 8 hrs of screen on time and it lasts a complete day with moderate usage. This is almost doubled if I use it sporadically. Sometimes, I even struggle to drain it because it lasts for frieken ever!! This, plus the charging speed, is what makes it a really awesome battery.

The screen, another major selling point, is just as good as you'd expect from samsung. Lovely colours and it shines with brilliance. You have to see for yourself. Looking at pictures online doesn't do it justice.

Storage and ram are plentiful.

Cameras are good. They are great in natural light, but struggle a bit indoors. There's slow motion and super slow motion modes.

Lastly, the software. It's amazingly modern, beautiful and literally 1 million x better than the previous Samsung software experiences. Honestly, it's a personal preference thing. I like it, and it's bound to get even better with time.

BONUS: The earphones that come in the box are surprisingly good considering the fact that bundled earphones are almost always terrible quality, unless you're buying a flagship, of course.

Overall, for the price, it's an excellent phone! Especially the battery, screen, storage & ram.

So if you want lots of storage, ram, a first-rate screen, out-of-this-world battery life and charging speeds—this phone is for you. It's also priced well for what you get, really.

Very pleased overall.

  • Haribol

Leobert, 06 Feb 2020RightYou are wrong.Redmi Note 8 pro has separate slot for memory card. It is super fast. Only it does not have amoled screen.It is dual SIM.

  • ...

A70user, 07 Feb 2020weak wifi oh my god it is getting a bit worselies