Samsung Galaxy A70s

Samsung Galaxy A70s

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google chromecast is in the device
check for smart view in the panel and search for 3 dots ---> edit buttons and a play icon with cycling arrows its same as chromecast

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    • Anonymous
    • DkT
    • 15 Dec 2022

    This is not even equal to keypad phones just waste of money,
    Using from 2019 November.

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      • Jagga Bathinda
      • rJ@
      • 20 Nov 2022

      When Android 12 and UI 4 for this A70s

        • S
        • Shakti
        • xjH
        • 30 Oct 2022

        This phone has motherboard problem, charging related issues, speaker issues. All of these problems are because of motherboard

          • S
          • Shree
          • U{1
          • 23 Oct 2022

          Using since oct-2019.. Speed issue..speaker issue.. charging issue..but still love it for awsome disply & other features...

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            • .n
            • Dkx
            • 05 Oct 2022

            Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Yah the Samsung phones are causing mother board issues espe... moreSame for me.! Around 9 months it started motherboard issues! Display had gone! Speaker not working! Front camera doesn't work and focus!

              • A
              • Aish
              • f{t
              • 19 Jul 2022

              Its been more then 2 years , still Works as new . Love mine ..

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                • Anonymous
                • H5L
                • 05 Jun 2022

                had it 3 days, absolutley rubbish.slow,apps don't download ,storage space is all over the place DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

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                  • Mojo
                  • fu4
                  • 24 Nov 2021

                  Child, 09 Dec 2020I don't know whether my phone is fake or not but it sh... moreSame as mine. Barely new and full storage free up space messages have started appearing

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Dk%
                    • 14 Jul 2021

                    Siddharth, 23 Feb 2021I was using samsung A70s for the past 8moths. I got chargin... moreYah the Samsung phones are causing mother board issues especially the A series! Even I got a motherboard problem! It got stuck suddenly and went to bootloop! I went to the tolichowki Hyderabad service center! Which is authorised one! They said 10k for mother board! Waste of money

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                      • Taks
                      • YU8
                      • 06 Jul 2021

                      What can be done when the screen freeze?

                        • K
                        • Kai
                        • vGf
                        • 03 Jul 2021

                        I had this phone for 2 months after few days the screen went black and i took it for servicing. I spent 135 dollars alone for the screen. Within 12 hours the screen went black again so I had no choice but to buy a new phone. I bought the iPhone 12 pro which in reviews are stated good. So conclusion not at all a good phone.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ut{
                          • 15 Jun 2021

                          I have been using the phone for past 1.5 years right now
                          I loved the camera of the phone..
                          But the auto rotation won't work some times.
                          And of course finger print sensors won't work if we put a screen guard 🙄.
                          And the most irritated thing is about the phone cover, u have to put some protective armour guard to protect the camera since the camera is bulging off the level..

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Dk1
                            • 24 May 2021

                            Not at all satisfied with Samsung facing many issue with handset

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Dk1
                              • 24 May 2021

                              Akhil, 07 Apr 2021I am using since two months , heating issue , Hang issue so... moreAgree even I facing the same issue not at all satisfied with Samsung

                                • C
                                • Cashie
                                • fn0
                                • 04 May 2021

                                I've had it for almost 6 months and it's been a great phone but I'm really struggling to find lcd screen since it fell and cracked badly. Any suggestions?!

                                  • A
                                  • Akhil
                                  • tT}
                                  • 07 Apr 2021

                                  I am using since two months , heating issue , Hang issue sometimes observed , not good .

                                    • S
                                    • Siddharth
                                    • uu5
                                    • 23 Feb 2021

                                    I was using samsung A70s for the past 8moths. I got charging issue. I gave for service in samsung authorised service center located in (Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad) they told there is a problem with motherboard and have to change motherboard. Cannot claim warranty for motherboard and it costs 10k.. That phone was complete waste. I will not recommend Samsung to anyone. Just high cost nothing is better or unique.

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                                      • BOSS
                                      • XW7
                                      • 22 Feb 2021

                                      mine, 19 Jan 2021my uncle and nani have these thingsit means that they have nie choice.
                                      you should learn from them.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • YQQ
                                        • 13 Feb 2021

                                        I used it now in 2021 and its nice