Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

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  • vin

exynos is better than snapdragon i'm a gamer i believe in actual use not in openion from other or goggle...i'using exynos 7870 in may j7,2016..almost 4 years this coming july and still working good in gaming like mobile legend i have 1 other phone snapdragon 450 4gb ram 64gb internal compare to exynos 7870 2gb ram 16gb internal i terms of performance exynos 7870 old is better.

  • AnimalRescuer247

joe nodden, 23 Mar 2020I don't see the point in putting a 5G modem in a phone like... moreI see some comments saying there's no point putting a 5g modem in an affordable phone bcz those who can afford a 5g plan are rich and would only buy a high end phone LOL! My network (02 in the UK) offers 5g mobile data plans for exactly the same price as 4g. And as 5g will, in not more than a year or so, be as widespread as 4g, it's only fair AND common business practice to make 5g enabled phones for EVERYONE.

  • petyo

I prefer the normal a71 because it has the snapdragon proccesor .I dont have faith in the exynos to much laggggggggggggggggg.

  • HZC

I don't find a smartphone with 5G necessary because the 5G is harmful to the environment anyway!

I don't see the point in putting a 5G modem in a phone like this. Nobody is gonna buy a 5G cellular plan unless they're already wealthy enough to buy a high end phone. So why would they buy this?

I am not sure why Samsung keeps pushing those Exynos chips to their global phones without spending resources into developing those chips to run faster and more power efficient. If anything that will decrease their sales.

  • Prince

Same like S10 Lite with 5G and little bit better back camera

  • Bermo bandit

literally no point to this phone compared to regular a71. this has a smaller battery, slightly better chipset ( little to no difference in the real world ) and price that will probably for unnecessarily inflated cos of the 5g branding when it is years away from full-scale roll-out and coverage .

hopefully it's not gonna be made entirely out of plastic :P