Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung Galaxy A72

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  • Anonymous
  • mTi
  • 22 Jan 2021

lasest2, 13 Jan 2021Terrible, they have literally downgraded CPU on this thing ... morenope 720g is better actually

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    • Daniel03XX
    • a3p
    • 18 Jan 2021

    It will be awesome with exynos 1080, It's much better than the sd 765G or 750G and I hope it has a fast charge adapter out of the box ;)

      Pls Samsung, this is my view of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A72 4G. I would have purchased the M51 but I don't think is available in my country (Nigeria). So I would like the upcoming A72 4G to come with

      1. Snapdragon 350G
      2. 7000 Mah
      3. 25w charging with reverse charging
      4.Corning gorilla glass 5
      5. Side-mounted finger print sensor
      6. Dual Nano sim

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        • lasest2
        • 3Tr
        • 13 Jan 2021

        Terrible, they have literally downgraded CPU on this thing from last years version.

          ghostststarscream, 12 Jan 2021They can't put a flagship chipset in a $450 phone for ... moreI'm talking about two years old flagship chipset.
          It's not fair to have low connectivity and low performance as well.
          Samsung have exynos 1080, they called it midrange!!
          Then SD720g should be entry level

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            • Drake
            • JYC
            • 13 Jan 2021

            Does anyone know when this smartphone will be on sale?


              i little like that => 8 MP (telephoto) with 3x optical zoom
              But i Like that => 16 MP (telephoto) with 10x optical zoom
              in A72 4G :-) or 5G :-))

                Kenawy, 11 Jan 2021what the hell are companies doing!! if you made 4G version... moreThey can't put a flagship chipset in a $450 phone for 5G only. If they did, then, the phone would cost atleast $700 because of the SD888 or the new exynos. That's why there's a midrange chipset for 5G (aka the 765 5G or the 600 series) for lower end phones that costs around $550USD and under to keep the budget low enough

                  what the hell are companies doing!!
                  if you made 4G version at least put SD 855 & Exynos 9825

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                    • Anonymous
                    • n$C
                    • 10 Jan 2021

                    noob8500, 08 Jan 2021Just buy a71 when this comes out, a71 is faster with Snapdr... moreSnapdragon 720G is latest chipset so it will be slightly faster than 730G

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                      • AnonD-973296
                      • GYi
                      • 08 Jan 2021

                      TFM, 05 Jan 2021Galaxy A72 A SD720G No doubt floop Mi 10i processor S... moreexcept MIUI trash

                        Just buy a71 when this comes out, a71 is faster with Snapdragon 730 processor and will be cheaper.

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                          • TFM
                          • rAM
                          • 05 Jan 2021

                          Galaxy A72 A SD720G No doubt floop

                          Mi 10i processor SD750G 5 G support
                          120HZ display
                          Gorilla glass 5
                          108 mp camera
                          33 watt fast charging
                          Price 32999 expected( A72 )currently A71 28999

                          A72 4G processor SD720G 4G only
                          60HZ display
                          gorilla glass 3
                          64 mp camera
                          25 what charging
                          Price 20999
                          This move samsung 2021 A series strong Floop

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                            • Kent
                            • LKp
                            • 02 Jan 2021

                            720g for the a72 not good at all. Come on man you all can do better than that samsung. I may go an get a other brand of phone were i can get more for my money.

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                              • felon
                              • pvZ
                              • 31 Dec 2020

                              we love samsung phones at least 90 htz amoled plz samsung and release that thanks

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                                • TFM
                                • rAf
                                • 29 Dec 2020

                                Galaxy A72 SD720G degrade processor finally samsung Killed own A7 Series how to compete mi 10i and realme X7 pro both have 5G supported BIS certified india launch imminent

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                                  • John
                                  • vxk
                                  • 29 Dec 2020

                                  I want the A72 to come out with 256gb memory since Realme X3 and Xiaomi Mi 10T, both midrangers, priced almost the same as A71, has 256gb in memory. A 128gb nowadays cannot keep up if you exhaust all apps categories especially gaming and the apps keep on updating...

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                                    • TFM
                                    • rAM
                                    • 23 Dec 2020

                                    Galaxy A72 4G processor not confirmed
                                    A72 5G SD765G & Exynous 1080 different countries

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                                      • Ali
                                      • 83U
                                      • 22 Dec 2020

                                      There are 4 things I really want
                                      1-Exynos 1080
                                      2-No 4G Variant (Because it would be kinda a shame. Even A42 is 5G and it's don't have any 4G version)
                                      3-90 Hertz display
                                      4-256 GB storage and 10 or 8 GB of RAM (I heard that M62 will have 256 GB of storage so I want it from A72 too)
                                      That's it !

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                                        • tomscargle856
                                        • 4wn
                                        • 20 Dec 2020

                                        I'm excited to find out the chipset for this phone. It was cool to see that the A52 4G will most likely have a SD 720G. I don't see the need for myself to have a 5G device (I'm in the US), so depending if this variant has a snapdragon chip, I may be going with the A52.