Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

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  • Kokuyo

Jemlim, 21 hours agoOf course it is cheaper, because it has worse specs! Nah, it's basically just the same phone but with 6.5" display, smaller battery, headphone jack and it comes with a charger in the box.

  • Anonymous

Am I the only one with issues on the back cover? Got mine a few hours but I only noticed when I got home that the back cover is lose.

  • KM

Can I lock/unlock the phone using the fingerprints recognition??

Nitz, 11 Apr 2022depends on your budget, A72 would be better option against ... moreA52s has a snapdragon 778G chip!

Hudinited, 15 Apr 2022Mo stereo speakers for real? There is literally stereo speakers!

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022you can get all of it in M52 for 300$ except for the camera... moreAnd the speaker.

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022no. M.53 Uses exynos Chipset & A73 uses Qualcom snapdra... moreLol u need to go to the clinic for an eye check. He said M52 not M53, plus M53 has MediaTek not Exynos.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2022Android 12 is worse than Android 11, lmao.Lol why?

Mahamadam, 27 Apr 2022Why would anyone get this instead of A52s, which is a lot c... moreOf course it is cheaper, because it has worse specs!

Chille, 28 Apr 2022I would choose the S20 FE 2022 over this for a couple of bucks.. And your phone would be outdated after 2 years…

Anonymous, 02 May 2022which country you are belong...Why are you asking?

Alex, 16 May 2022Whoever has an A72, should never buy this, its the same phone...It’s the same phone…
Yeah, it is the same phone “in some areas”, but mostly is an upgrade. Processor, display, main camera, etc.

Samie, 17 May 2022Please tell me which to buy this or 'Realme 9 Pro +�... moreIf you want performance get Samsung A73.

Anonymous, 22 May 2022Sorry it was not launched worldwide even in EUI think it should be globally launched. It’s here in SG

Rosso, 23 May 2022Your comment shows to anyone who used either phones that yo... moreYou clearly don’t even own the phone. Don’t simply say people are lying unless you have the phone.

Bruzie, 24 May 2022Which on should I go for, This one or M52 5G ?Of course the A73.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2022Samsung continue to price it's midrangers same as othe... moreAnd I end up getting an A73 rather than those flagship killers due to its longevity and better camera setup since I'm not really a heavy user.

  • Anonymous

Eric, 08 Mar 2022Does it have a metal body?All Samsung A and M series phones using plastic frame and plastic back

  • Anonymous

Samsung continue to price it's midrangers same as other companies flagship killers

well you can get s20fe ,this is expensive and not flagship specs.. only thing that a73 wins is the better optimization for posting on social networks