Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

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  • Sabu K Thankappaan
  • CbI
  • 27 Sep 2023

I have a Samsung a73 .l bought it for rs 44 thousand.after one year and three month (yesterday) an updation I have done and a fluorescent green line seen on the screen. Display complaint occured. I went to Kottayam Service Center and they give me a helpline number.and at this time this number not responding.I have lost my money. And nobody bye this phone .After one year (warranty Period) should be careful...every updation.

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    • Nommy
    • XKC
    • 26 Sep 2023

    Mine is not even a month old but it gives me headache😠 battery does'nt last, camera very bad arg🙆dark photos, m still using my old phone cz hai its better than this ish😠

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      • Anonymous
      • LxN
      • 23 Sep 2023

      shady266, 19 Sep 2023I am very confused between the two phones A73 & A54. I ... moreA73

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        • GIO
        • Kg%
        • 23 Sep 2023

        hoping for a74

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          • Anonymous
          • Nvc
          • 21 Sep 2023

          shady266, 19 Sep 2023I am very confused between the two phones A73 & A54. I ... moreGet A73. Bcos A54 is heavier, with large bezels around.

            I am very confused between the two phones A73 & A54. I care about the battery, performance, and camera. I do not play heavy games, but I use the phone all day, so I have to worry about heat and lag.

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              • Wilber
              • x2G
              • 16 Sep 2023

              Its the best phone i have ever had,if you experience at some time heating problem or lag, just check for updates, Trust me,it solves the problem.

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                • Anonymous
                • uEx
                • 14 Sep 2023

                Miki, 09 Sep 2023Heh, reading few negativ comments and cant belive... I'... moreNha, not bad phone, only badly priced. Pretty much A52s with $200 mark up
                Could be great if priced near a53

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                  • Brent
                  • Ibx
                  • 13 Sep 2023

                  Elias, 26 Aug 2023My iPhone got stolen then I shifted to this phone. Worst ph... moreEither way, I think iPhone is crappie n I will never buy those iPhone piece of crappie any more

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                    • Miki
                    • swm
                    • 09 Sep 2023

                    Heh, reading few negativ comments and cant belive... I'm using this phone almost 1 year. I can say it is the best mobile phone with all benefits like screen, sound, this price class. I never had any problems with it. Using original fast charger that charges from 20% to 100% for 1 hour. Battery last ~2 days. If some one wonts to bye very good phone and wont to spend over 1000euros for phone this is the vest choise for you.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • XDp
                      • 06 Sep 2023

                      Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023its made from plastic even the frame and its feel like a ch... moreOne positive thing is that its not heavy, like S 22,23 series.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 7P0
                        • 06 Sep 2023

                        its made from plastic even the frame and its feel like a cheap mobile

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                          • Jeetsinh
                          • X}d
                          • 04 Sep 2023

                          Samsung galaxy A73 256gb my phone is very dust bin phone battery problem,call calling voice problem, Hanging problem not Purchase a73 phone and more Samsung phone Samsung service is very very bed.

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                            • Valair
                            • y6W
                            • 04 Sep 2023

                            Honestly with all the negative reviews I read, do they have the same phone that I am using. Laggy this, trash this, garbage that. Honestly I couldn't trust user opinions because it is too subjective. I have had my phone for about a year now since my A52 got stolen. This I can tell you, between crappy Chinese phones (I had a couple Xiaomi, Huawei, One Plus) and Apple (My wife is using an Iphone 11 Pro Max which too darn picky) my phone ROCKS! Honestly I would go for a Sony these days but for the meantime my A73 5g (256/8 +8RAM plus) works all the time. No lag, long battery life, good for videos, picures, games that I play, internet and all of the humanly things you can possibly do for a phone. Wink wink.....

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                              • Amir
                              • N4K
                              • 02 Sep 2023

                              how much battery does your phone drain overnight?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • xjH
                                • 01 Sep 2023

                                prashaad, 23 Aug 2023I have been using for more than an year. So far no problems... moreHow much is a73 in port harcourt?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • r39
                                  • 31 Aug 2023

                                  Good day, I have not used Samsung A73, but I have used Samsung A71. Seriously, I am disappointed . The screen just started bringing our lines. This happened just a 1Yr and 2months I bought the phone. Just too bad , too bad

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • y6V
                                    • 30 Aug 2023

                                    Been using for more than half a year and it is an excellent phone

                                      Been using this phone for a year now. I'm satisfied, it ticks all the boxes.

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                                        • Magi
                                        • Tkt
                                        • 28 Aug 2023

                                        I genuinely wonder if the over-the-top bad reviews here are using the same handset as me because those experiences don't match mine at all. I owned an A53 before opting for an A73 and if anything, the A53 was laggy and deserving of some of the negative comments posted here.

                                        I've owned 2 x A73 handsets in the past 12 months, the first being the 128 model but I found I wanted more space so quickly went to 256. I kept the 128 model in the family so it is still in use. In short, this is an amazing phone for the money; zero lag I can notice, a gorgeous OLED screen and it takes sharp, frame-able photos in 108MP mode. I also installed a 1TB microSD card to store and listen to music files on the go. I'm not really a gamer but I have tried one or two games such as Hearthstone and Star Trek Fleet Command and again, no discernible lag I could notice. I genuinely have no complaints.

                                        This is easily the best phone I've had in years. The only negative - which isn't really the handset's fault - is that Samsung only release security updates every quarter, and not monthly as its (inferior) cousin the A53 receives. Maybe one other slight negative is in 108MP mode the camera can slightly lag taking shots, but I guess that is understandable given the size of the output files (in normal mode it's instant).

                                        Great handset, and it seems slightly underrated even by Samsung themselves.