Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

Well done, 03 Dec 2015Anyone with a slightest piece of logic would choose this one ove... moreSure, I'm going for it A7 is my destiny, even i already own note2 and note edge.

I expect it to last 30/14/20hr on battery... or at least 2x of other brands. Thats one of the powers of this phone.

  • eidriyan

When will the Samsung Galaxy Ace (2016) be released?

  • AnonD-292864

Mohamed, 02 Dec 2015Killed by the weak GPU.No one knows the GPU of this phone. How do you know it has weak GPU ?

  • AnonD-218710

Just beefed up specs, same duo Sims, but memory card uses one sum slot. What an idiocy repeated same mistake as 2015 model again n 2016. Without changing model. Intro price will be 500$, obnoxious!

  • Well done

Anyone with a slightest piece of logic would choose this one over Note5 or S6+ anytime (God curse all phones with 32GB- around 24GB user available- phones WITHOUT MicroSD card slot!).

  • anoy

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2015Samsung A7 battery 2700 wast 3300 mah battery dude

  • AnonD-472753

Will this be launched in India during December 2015 as well?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2015Samsung best when compared to other phones and in terms of custo... moreReally? LG magna known as low end have 8mp camera but better than Samsung j7 in every condition.even LG price are good and affordable than iPhone and Samsung that only make high price for profit

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2015Ugly designand what is the most beautiful designed phone for you?

  • AnonD-463899

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2015Ugly designsamsung known for abnormal high prices of medium and high class of their phone.price minimum 500 $ .nor am a fool to waste money on Samsung, the better for that money, buy lg g4 and I know what I bought, I'm not a sheep for shearing, to Samung to me earns with abnormal prices

  • Anonymous

Ugly design

  • Anonymous

Internal memory + Processor + Battery life = ALL THAT I ASK FOR

  • veer

Best from Samsung up to date.

If released with exynos 7420 ,14nm power efficiet chip,it will work like magic .The energy efficient chip and sreen will make the battery life beast.

A very compact phone for the screen and battery size.

With this great camera ,a dream phone from Samsung.

  • Max

Please mali it 32gb internal

  • Mohamed

Killed by the weak GPU.

  • AnonD-458606

goodmorningwoody, 19 Nov 2015Only a 2,700 mAh battery :O Shame on you Samesung.I think it will over 3000 mAh.

  • Anonymous

Anyone know if the sd card slot is dedicated and not shared with a sim slot?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-292864, 20 Nov 2015RAM, screen and build quality.Samsung best when compared to other phones and in terms of customer care facilities......
Not like iPhone, HTC, Lg .......who are in search of making money with less phone features and customer care facilities

  • Anonymous

Quo, 21 Nov 2015They are better than iphools who pay twice the money for iphones... moreWell said......exactly so..