Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

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  • Tama
  • yMH
  • 21 hours ago

Buy at 2018 and still use it normally until now. Have been dropped many time suprisingly the screen durability is awesome no scratch, green line, shadow etc. I can still watch 5 movie (180 min) connected with dongle without drain my batery. The only trouble is the glue at back door got lessen but is okay because I use phone case. Luckily no more update for this device, like other new series got crap bug after updating software.

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    • Huseyn
    • C@V
    • 02 Jun 2024

    Bought it in 2018. Now is 2024, still using it. Very good phone for his time. The only lacks for now are battery, i guess. Hardly trying to find the replacement for this phone.

      • Y
      • Yuyu
      • tVn
      • 16 May 2024

      Maria, 15 Apr 2024Nah don't do it it's not worth it , if you compar... moreThanks, I've replaced it with vivo y19s and it works well and it's really smooth

        • M
        • Marlverine
        • X$W
        • 12 May 2024

        wamp, 20 Apr 2024thsi fone is ok but sometimes it really sucks. first of all... moreit is because for my exynos processor is not good for gaming go for snapdragon one

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          • cheers
          • wrj
          • 24 Apr 2024

          sparepart lcd original is over price.

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            • wamp
            • DxV
            • 20 Apr 2024

            thsi fone is ok but sometimes it really sucks. first of all i cant even play games a minute in cus the pone starts to heat up.. RAAHHHHHHHH

              • M
              • Maria
              • xhp
              • 15 Apr 2024

              yuyu, 22 Mar 2024hi, i have this as my current phone, im planning to change ... moreNah don't do it it's not worth it , if you compare both for antuty score, Samsung A7 2018 still got more than Oppo a31 , you should be search a device that more worth to buy than Oppo a31.

                • s
                • selayg90
                • KZJ
                • 03 Apr 2024

                mf, 28 Jun 2022how about Samsung a52s Good choice. Or s20fe 5g instead. VERY GOOD BARGAIN with the price offer if u still looking for samsung

                  • y
                  • yuyu
                  • IVy
                  • 22 Mar 2024

                  hi, i have this as my current phone, im planning to change it to Oppo a31 because this phone kind of sucks now. Should i change it to oppo a31?

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                    • JAECHU
                    • vaQ
                    • 13 Mar 2024

                    im still using this since 2018 until now. its still good and works

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                      • Minu
                      • ter
                      • 29 Feb 2024

                      TheRockfordfiles, 28 Feb 2024In what world do you live?? Everyone knows that Nokia phone... moreCheaper? Which country do you live in?
                      The Galaxy A05s is extremely overpriced in our region ($108 for the C32 and $250 for the A05s here in configurations of 4/128, for reference). Have you used a C32 at least? My parents own 2 units, and they aren't that bad for that price. No lags whatsoever, unless you keep 100+ tabs open on Chrome.
                      The UI is surprisingly well optimized too, for a low end or a backup phone.

                      The C series did get Android upgrades though, not cumulative updates like in Samsungs. For reference, the C21 Plus got Android 12 and 13 Go editions, and the C31 got full Android 13. Also, Samsung tries their best to cripple their low ends (my colleague uses a Galaxy A04s, and it's noticeably a paperweight compared to the period of purchase). Anybody can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 at twice the price of the C32 or lesser than the A05s, and still, it would be a better purchase. That's not the point here, because that person was seeking advice to get this phone second hand.

                      Anyways, buying the A7 2018 second hand, doesn't justify a good purchase at the moment, except for the rare AMOLED in the low ends.

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                        • TheRockfordfiles
                        • fu%
                        • 28 Feb 2024

                        Minu, 24 Jan 2024Get a Nokia C32 instead. You're better off staying awa... moreIn what world do you live?? Everyone knows that Nokia phones have been garbage for years and the c series isn't even upgradable when it comes to OS major updates. The Galaxy a05s is by far the best choice because it's cheaper, doesn't lag at all, has an upgraded full hd plus display while Nokia is still playing with 720p and 3 android upgrades up to android 16.

                        Thank goodness there won't be any Nokia ever again, as much as I hated LG, I would have preferred that Nokia shut down it's mobile division instead of LG

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                          • Loli
                          • 86j
                          • 20 Feb 2024

                          Is this one of the strongest performance Micro-USB phones? Especially one with (near-)full-screen design?
                          I'm currently considering buying one of these, or, slower-but-newer Galaxy A03, 64 or 128GB.
                          Is there any recommendation from other brans(s) at all?

                          (NO - Don't suggest ANY phone using USB-C, nor iPhone. For primary phone I'm enjoying my Galaxy S10+ and I also have an iPhone SE3. I'll consider between Galaxy A52s and Huawei P30 Pro if I do want another USB-C phone.)

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                            • Barni
                            • apL
                            • 17 Feb 2024

                            this is a pretty decent phone for emulation. you can run all the systems that need less power than a psp and even run titles like Gow chains of Olympus with a 2 frame skip setting and its very playable. so I'd like to believe other psp games work great as well. as for navigation, you'll find very few hiccups here and there but overall its not a bad experience and you can definitely just get used to it. plus the screen is a great resolution and games look pretty decent on it imo. if you have one lying around then I'd recommend turning it into a retro gaming handheld

                              • M
                              • Minu
                              • ter
                              • 24 Jan 2024

                              equatorial guinea, 08 Dec 2023hi is this handset worth it with a cracked screen at $40? i... moreGet a Nokia C32 instead. You're better off staying away from used phones

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                                • GUNDANNA CHICKMAGALU
                                • XV6
                                • 25 Dec 2023

                                how to connect mobile phone for downloading images to computer

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XBE
                                  • 22 Dec 2023

                                  tha123, 08 Mar 2023I got the solution. After continuously using it for 4 years... moreHow do I reset a phone? My a11 is giving me the same issues you mentioned

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                                    • equatorial guinea
                                    • IbI
                                    • 08 Dec 2023

                                    hi is this handset worth it with a cracked screen at $40? i am upgrading from a samsung galaxy S5 mini

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                                      • a7 user
                                      • 0TG
                                      • 19 Nov 2023

                                      this phone is 5 years old and people still complain about it ( facepalm)

                                        • S
                                        • Sarah
                                        • 8v2
                                        • 31 Oct 2023

                                        Worst phone ever! I know it's old at this point but it's a curse, even as a hand-me-down.
                                        Would not recommend.