Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

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  • hillol

my phone A7 2018. some problem when I use sim data this time phone is very hot. and my phone last updated 18 September. my phone is very slow.what can I do now. please any one help me and give information for this solution

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2019Corning Gorilla Glass (unspecified version) ... moreBut I have been using the phone for 1 year now, no scratches on the screen. Do you even own the phone? Stop Saying what you don't know. If you want 4k, go get yourself s9 0r s10 and stop saying trash

  • Sieman S.

Is there a7 2018 owner here who is having barcode reading problems ?
My A7 2018 has an error barcode reading, please advice me...thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Corning Gorilla Glass (unspecified version)
>>>>important part is "unspecified version" yeah they use really really bad glass it scratches easly if you're going to buy this phone you have to use screen protector or u will get realy deeply scratched phone.

And camera looks good when u take photo but if you zoom you get shity image quality cant take 4k images.

  • Anonymous

Huuugt, 08 Oct 2019Im having problems with the resolution on social media apps. The... moreThe September 1 security patch messed it up. Just patiently wait for another update. No cure for now.

  • Jo

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019people complaining 'bout camera ! i mean guys, this is a phone a... moreThe camera is not as bad as they say. It's cool with nice colours even though its not a flagship. They just want everything to be perfect.

  • Anonymous

Just upgraded to pie and installed the current security patch. The camera quality really improved. It's now stable and smooth. I Love it. Nice phone.

  • Huuugt

Im having problems with the resolution on social media apps. They turned out really no good in both pics and videos. It was much nicer and clearer on the other phone i used. Only on the a7 2018. Really annoyed watching pics and vds bcuz of these low resolution.

  • Tomi_bae

My google play store stopped updating installed Apps. What do i do?

  • Jojo

Guys, am still on android 8. Am not sure if I should upgrade to pie. How's the android 9 experience? Did it mess up or improve the camera? Any down side I should know

  • hafiz sheikh

battery backup not up to the mark. while playing pubg game over wifi all batery drain in 3 hrs.

Prabu, 22 Sep 2019My 100% charging but battery full like that message i mean notif... moreJust download accubattery, you can set up any percentage that you want ,it will send you notification and vibrate.It also can check your battery true capacity.

  • summit

on sale. any bad news about the android 9 update? tell us good and bad of the update?

  • Anonymous

Abbas Jokar, 11 Sep 2019Hi dear sir/madam I bought a A7 cellphone from Ala`addin shoppi... moreHai brother. I am from Kerala India. I bought my a7 five month before when i am in Saudi. I found this same problem just after two weeks from buying and is still feels it. I am very unhappy with thia comleint

  • Nicole Kidman

Ggi, 03 Oct 2019Is is still good to buy the a7?? cuz i am about to get one. I s... moreI would suggest you go for the A50, the A7 is a good phone but the A50 kind of replaces this one and has better specs.

  • Ggi

Is is still good to buy the a7?? cuz i am about to get one.
I see people complaining about the pie update. May I know what the major problems are? And is the back glass fragile?

otnaaa2, 19 Sep 2019Is it true that A7 2018 will not get Android Q?Samsung Android 10 Update list of eligible devices
Galaxy S Series
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9+
Galaxy Note Series
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10+
Galaxy Note9
Galaxy M Series
Galaxy M40
Galaxy M30
Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M20
Galaxy M10
Galaxy J Series
Galaxy J8
Galaxy J6
Galaxy J6+
Galaxy J4
Galaxy J4+
Galaxy J7 Duo
Galaxy J7 2018
Galaxy J5 2018
Galaxy J3 2018
Galaxy A Series
Galaxy A90 5G
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A60
Galaxy A50
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Galaxy A9 Star Lite

Galaxy Tab Series
Galaxy Tab S5e
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Galaxy Tab A 2019
Galaxy Tab A 2018

  • Prabu

My 100% charging but battery full like that message i mean notification didn't coming?

  • Anonymous

September 1st security patch messed the graphics again, so we're back to pixelized videos and some images on fb & insta (after that issue being fixed with june patch)... well done samsung lol

  • Anonymous

otnaaa2, 19 Sep 2019Is it true that A7 2018 will not get Android Q?Lie. It will get Q. Confirmed by Samsung