Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

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It has 4K video, which is great.

  • Anonymous

Micro USB in 2018???

24 MP? I suppose this is their own 24 MP sensor, which surely will be used next year in their flagships. You can surely expect that sensor in the S10.

  • XMen

no ois? :(

Furiounx, 20 Sep 2018Was going excellently with the triple cameras and all.....u... moreSamMobile site says it's USB-C. GSMArena says it's microUSB. Which is which??? Samsung site doesn't have the model yet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2018which processor inbuilt in this device??Most probably Exynos 7785 or some Mediatek chips, A53 is such an old tech.

  • Anonymous

Lack of fast charging. Youngter has no time to wait

  • Qerqiz

Where is fast charging!?...

  • shaik

Need more futures
Speed charge

  • AnonD-621054

this phone price 30k not success overpriced few buyers buying

  • Anonymous

Super low screen to body ratio. Not worth calling infinity display.

  • Anonymous

waste it is auto bomb

Was going excellently with the triple cameras and all.....until I saw MicroUSB. Even the 2017 A7 had it! Also could use a bigger battery. Aside from those points, at a good price this is an excellent buy!

Big screen small battery below average main camera and MICRO USB???
Scamsung jokes of course.
Dont forget to add SD450 like you did with A6 and A8.

  • Anonymous

which processor inbuilt in this device??


Finally something interesting by samsung

  • Anonymous

It is too big for me. :( Where is the new A3 or A5?

  • reinford

dope device