Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • M.Palanivelu

Is this also same as A Series with 1 Sim slot Plus 1 Sim/mmc slot? If so again flop.

  • Temur

Pleaasee Samsung, stop it stoooop. Pleasee make a real mob than all of those ugly bricks with oldschool specs. Feeling sick of all of those same design, same specs. No, I'm not an iPhone fan, but after these A5, A7 I finally found out what freaking cheap fake mob manufacturer you're. Lately Bought S6, after galaxy alpha, got such a feeling that still using Alpha. Friend is using A7, When i saw him speaking on it, i was kinda howcome he bought that ugly Galaxy Grand. Feels and looks the same plastic before u grab it. Damn l, I was really disappointed this time. I'm on IPhone 6 now for the first time that I've been hating for ages. What I want to tell you is IPhone's 100times better even when it's broken, that's what I learnt.

  • Lenia

adam, 18 May 2015ugh this phone is soo ugly .. low spec with high price tag .... ... moreEven iPhone has the same ugly and boring design with over sized top and bottom bezels which makes it larger than conventional phones of the same screen size.the home button and ugly dual speaker grills that has uneven size also makes iphone look ugly.The only thing that camouflages all these ugliness of iphone is the high quality built material. Where as samsung uses a litle cheap material so samsung phones shows up its ugliness.

  • Force Majeure

The battery seems to be 3050 mAh.

  • JK

it would be nice if it features both 3 slots 2 for sim and 1 for sd card and a notification led and a more powerful battery.thickness doesnt matter.thers no point i n being slim without these features

  • AnonD-276592

A7 is already a great phone.

adam, 18 May 2015ugh this phone is soo ugly .. low spec with high price tag .... ... moreIt is not even announced yet and you say it is ugly!

  • Anonymous

if dis phone has waterproofing it would be like xperia m4 aqua killer, and dis thing gonna win big time.

  • AnonD-396890

I was really onto buying A7.
But lack of some features at least for this high price was holding me back.
I hope A8 comes as a saviour.
And-- add out of the box lollpop, notification light, ir blaster and some cool camera features.

  • adam

ugh this phone is soo ugly .. low spec with high price tag .... just for the slim fricking body .. dont event think to buy this ogre .. thrs alot more better phone out there with better spec and cheaper price

It would be great if the battery would be removable.

  • omar

They need to make less pixels because the colors on the a7's camera are way deffirent from real

  • AnonD-392917

If company equipped this phone with waterproof n dust protection as well as 4k video recording then only it's worth to buy
otherwise there's no difference between A7 except pixels count

  • Stan

umer, 18 May 2015Not a good idea from samsung. I think a3 a5 anf a7 were enoughNah... knowing Samsung. There will never be enough phone for them.

  • umer

Not a good idea from samsung. I think a3 a5 anf a7 were enough

  • Jani

Good specs!.