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Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • AnonD-314373

dave, 21 Dec 2015is Samsung galaxy a8 otg ready?Yes

  • A.T

Is there SIM free for galaxy A8?

  • AnonD-80308

The audio quality through headphone is just HORRIBLE can hear some noises and crackles :( hope samsung will make an update that can fix this ._.

  • dave

is Samsung galaxy a8 otg ready?

  • Anonymous

Is a8 have marshmallow update

  • s5 user

1234, 08 Dec 2015It shows not registered on network I can't call anyone and ... moreSame problem wiv my s5 mobile. With what i became aware of is that its network problems. These mobile are 4G and your location does not have 4G network coverage by your service provide. This why u geting this problem. Have try to used your mobile somewhr else in your country?

  • AnonD-314373

jaga, 19 Dec 2015when will the 2016 version of a8 come to market ?pl. commen... moreI dont think that a8 2016 is coming as exynose new version is launched from 5230 to 5233

  • jaga

when will the 2016 version of a8 come to market ?pl. comment guys...

  • AnonD-314373

Galaxy A8 exynose is best :)

  • nick

Sallu, 17 Dec 2015is it worth buying samsung A8???? Should i go for it??It is best phone.. Slim phone and stylish!

  • FOS

I'd sacrifice 0.2" and 3 MP for 1 extra GB Ram and a larger battery in the a7 for sure

  • eminor nana

vibhash_vibhu, 16 Dec 2015My galaxy A8 has been lost today what should i do now to g... moreMy galaxy A7 got lost today too. And i found out that there are some apps that can locate your phone if it ever gets lost. There's also one by samsung...the thing is your phone's location must be turned on

  • Sallu

is it worth buying samsung A8???? Should i go for it??

  • AnonD-477184


  • vibhash_vibhu

My galaxy A8 has been lost today what should i do now to get my galaxy back...plz frndssss tell me something how could i get it back phone has my finger print lock

  • haynaku

i used my a8 only for 16days.
Deffect:no lcd out
i shame to this brand,from now on the service center.

  • Pammu

Hi guys..
I'm using this samsung A8 since 4days...
First time I'm using a Samsung phone. I won't play games, so I'm not writing any reviews on gaming.

1. I just love it's SAMOLED FHD display.
2. Looks.. mine is gold variant. And it looks so premium to hold.
3. Fingerprint scanner works perfectly. But we need to use same finger.
4. Amazing camera.
5. Good build quality.
6. Flawless performance. Touch works smooth and fast. No lagging at present.
7. Excellent website browsing and downloading experience.
8. Decent call quality.
9. Good screen to body ratio.
10. Slim and comfortable to hold. Looks beautiful.
11. Decent battery life.
12. All apps works fine and no noticeable lagging.

1. Minus rating for music quality. It's not upto the mark even with other music centered earphones. I'm a music lover. Disappointed with the music player performance and quality. We need to adjust the equalizer everytime. I didn't expect this bad quality from 30k range smartphone.
2. Disappointing speaker volume.
3. No front or bottom speaker. You need to keep your phone elevated. Unless you cannot even notice the ringtone.
4. No fast charging option. Many of its rivals have this feature.
5. Ram occupancy is another issue. 2gb ram is not sufficient to handle this. System files occupying more ram. It should be 3 or 4 gigabyteso.
6. Heats up a little as usual, but not as much as Sony and HTC etc..
7. Missing some premium features. So A8 is just an upper-midrange phablet.

  • kashi

AnonD-475994, 13 Dec 2015Lg G4 is way way better than A8. Trust me I have switched f... moreBut design of lg g4 is not good

  • AnonD-314373

ManilaGirl, 15 Dec 2015Hi Drisha.. how about the usage of the storage? did you try... moreI have 37 apps and 2 games GTA san andreas and tomb raider 2 trust me my cell phone is still smooth and fast battery is also amazing screen time is 5 hours and something but buy Exynose verson :)

  • ManilaGirl

AnonD-314373, 13 Dec 2015Love my Galaxy A8 its awesome smooth games playing awesome ... moreHi Drisha.. how about the usage of the storage? did you try to load it like 5.0GB worth and did it affect the performance?