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Samsung Galaxy A8

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  • Immu

Very Nice & good looking full metal body slim mobile. Battery backup is very gud, Better camera Quality. Sound quality is not bad very soft sound... u can increse sound by clicking on "Extra volume" option. No heating problem....overall features is very finger print lock, private lock gallery, print any document on page printers etc... Amazing cell.... I m Sooo happy with my Galaxy a8.

  • Shiro

Wow only have 2 gb of ram snapdragon 615 and doesnt have 4k for its price i would either buy one plus 2 or xperia m5 dual or nexus 5x than this

  • AnonD-314373

Guys tell me While using wiffi and brightness is about 30% in how much time it consumes 1% ???

  • AnonD-434010

Faisal , 19 Nov 2015Thank, I'm not game freak. I need more battery back up and high ... morebut make sure you are getting an Exynos chipset variant. Don't buy A8 if you are getting Snapdragon 615 chipset variant in your region. You can verify it with your local vendor.

This is suggested because Snapdragon 615 heats a lot and consumes battery more than average.

  • AnonD-434010

sen, 19 Nov 2015very worst model more heating problem we go service center they ... moreIdeally, if you have had problems within a day or so, you should return it to your vendor. Usuallly all vendors have 4-5 days return back policy in which they hand you a new phone.

  • AnonD-434010

Esr, 19 Nov 2015How does the speaker sound ? I want to buy this phone but some r... moreHello,

Speaker position is definitely on the wrong side if you consider other phones with front facing speakers or at the bottom like iPhones.

Regarding lag in UI, YES. While surfing through home screen the UI lags sometimes but this lag is unklike previous samsung phones. It doesn't hinder your experince while switching apps or playing games.

  • AnonD-434010

AnonD-314373, 20 Nov 2015I have galaxy A800f Exynose please tell me while using wiffi scr... moreYou shoouldn't be concerned about it though. Look at overall battery life. Charge your phone til 100% once and by end of the day you can check what battery is left.

  • AnonD-314373

I have galaxy A800f Exynose please tell me while using wiffi screen on my battery 1% drain in 5 minutes is it best or not?

  • froyee

have a flash on front camera like J7?

  • Anonymous

Is this waterproof

  • Kousik

Hi all of you if u want a bater securty option and a bater graphic ph so go for A8

  • Esr

How does the speaker sound ? I want to buy this phone but some reviews said that the speaker is weak and get muffled when being put on table. Also how is the software ? Is there any lag ?

  • Faisal

AnonD-434010, 19 Nov 2015Hi Faisal, I must say this is really tough. Last year's flags... moreThank, I'm not game freak. I need more battery back up and high speed internet as I have to use them a lot.

  • sen

very worst model more heating problem we go service center they can only change the mother board no replacement warrenty i bought new mobile with in a day i got problem but no use waste samsung mobile phones ______ of the samsung mobiles

  • AnonD-434010

SM-A800S vs other, 21 Oct 2015I have seen different models of the Galaxy A8 which one is the o... moreBasically the only difference you would find with all these models is with:

1.Internal Memory- 16 GB/ 32GB

2.Dual Sim- Second slot is a smart slot for dual sim/memory card in some regions

3.Processor- Exynos or Snapdragon

Based on your region you might get combination of specs based on these three factors.

All are genuine though. No worries with that anyway.

  • AnonD-434010

Anky123, 25 Oct 2015Which phone is better?A8 or E9+Good choice of phones must say !

I would suggest A8 only if you are getting exynos variant.
In this case, A8 is superior because you get a fingerprint sensor, the touch wiz UI is far productive and advanced than SenseUI. You get features like minimizing the screen along with some great gestures for operating camera and taking screen shots which you would really find useful. Also, battery life is exceptional in A8..also it charges your phone quickly than E9+ surprising but true.

If you are getting Snapdragon variant for A8, then you can go for E9+.

  • AnonD-434010

zz, 26 Oct 2015Looking for best quality photography (with no blurring) phone wi... moreA8 becuase you mentioned no blurring. All plain vanilla OS phone eg.Nexus series or Moto phones have issues of photos getting blurred, they capture images quickly but when you see these images on big screen you find them blurry.

  • AnonD-434010

Sorowar, 05 Nov 2015Hi,i want to buy a new smartphone.. Samsung A8 vs Htc desire ey... moreA8 for almost all the reasons you can think of.

  • AnonD-434010

summit, 06 Nov 2015when using a8 camera in PRO mode does this have manual focus on... moreYes, except for Slow motion video capture you get almost all camera modes.
Pro mode-YES

  • AnonD-434010

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2015hi all, i bought one A8 yesterday (11/7/2015), i am using it fo... moreTake the phone to care center asap as this phone is particularly known for great battery life.