Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)

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  • Anonymous

what is NFC????

  • Anonymous

Does it ia actually coming aur just a rumour
And im sure it's going to be heavily priced for that 7420

  • Nannu

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2015with these chipset the Samsung Galaxy A8 is going to cost a lot ... moreNo...its just 5000 more than the other
One bbut still it's nice

  • AnonD-476089

With FM radio...this is great!☺. Could be me option next year

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-102946

It has a Flagship power written all over it .. lets hope it wont have flagship price too .. too bad its gaint still hoping for a

  • S6 edge

babu, 12 Dec 2015can i take s6 edge r a8? S6 edge without thinking

  • AnonD-329350

s7 is that you ? lol

  • babu

can i take s6 edge r a8?

  • AnonD-260677

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2015Fine with the design (meh), but why not a bigger battery? On any... morebigger batrry takes long time for charging. a bigger battry doesnt issue every time. even a smaller one can carry massive. it depends on hardware arcitechture what ammount of power it will consume.....thts why the brands like htc, lg, samsung and many other like these dosnt increase the battry, thy improve their arcitechtures.

  • Anonymous

Fine with the design (meh), but why not a bigger battery? On any of their phones? Even Xiaomi is stepping their game up.

  • Gimgim

The same old boring samsung design.

  • AnonD-473684

I like it.

  • AnonD-119564

Why is this. this is a punch in the back for us who bought the first A8

Are these specifications for real? Exinos 7420? Really?

  • AnonD-260677

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2015yes.. your right the smartphone devision is developing soo fast.... moreyah......but they using their own old chips like ex5430 or a8 japaneas ex 5433. but as ur complimnt , they jst made one new chip.......ex 7580 this yr.....and nothng more.

  • AnonD-260677

lets see how far does it run ?
seen b4 a8 2016 coming with ex7420.....but i doubt it..
if it happen...then it will be very good gaming device 4 all who want mid rang with more power.......but it is samsung........nothn mid...about ths

  • Mlody

Bad cpu info itp.­x

  • Anonymous

AnonD-191613, 09 Dec 2015Feel pity for those who just recently purchased the Galaxy A8 to... moreyes.. your right the smartphone devision is developing soo fast... Samsung is release many phones in just a month and that's not right


Just wooow