Samsung Galaxy A8 Star (A9 Star)

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star (A9 Star)

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  • Anonymous
  • vGN
  • 29 Apr 2024

Any suggestions on which phone to upgrade from A8 Star?

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    • Anonymous
    • vGN
    • 22 Apr 2024

    Win, 04 Apr 2024I had the same problems. Just change camera part to the new... moreIt happens for almost all devices - its a known issue. Even after replacement the camera rattle continues. Try to reboot your phone and keep the camera near your ear, you will hear the camera lens being moved - indicating that Samsung knows very well about the problem and has included a software action to reset the lens on reboot (but it doesn't help to stop the rattle). Now my phone is also heating every single day for normal tasks which are very low intensity.

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      • Win
      • XVx
      • 04 Apr 2024

      Bandungman, 16 Feb 2024I'm surprised that there are many people complain abou... moreI had the same problems. Just change camera part to the new one or buy stolen goods with best price. Cmiiw

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        • Anonymous
        • vGN
        • 25 Mar 2024

        My phone has started heating up a lot during the summer. At one point it was so hot that it was difficult to touch the phone and I had to turn it off since I was worried it might get damaged.

          I'm surprised that there are many people complain about the camera rattling issue because I got the same problem. Whenever the rattling issue happens, the camera cannot focus on the object, it keeps blurry.
          Actually, any other things in this phone still work well, but I had to switch to a new phone because of this rattling camera problem.

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            • Anonyenim
            • Dk3
            • 04 Oct 2023

            This phone is best as I used it Since 2018 and still using it. The camera Rattling issue started now but it's still good. The camera rattle issue also happen while using any other app with no camera required.

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              • Anonymous
              • U{j
              • 06 Sep 2023

              Samsung has just released an Android 10 stability software update on 30 August 2023 (Yes you read that right). The description of the update only states "Overall stability has been improved" and the security patch level is June 2022. The update size is 120 MB.

              Any idea what this is about? Hope nothing breaks after the update? Did you guys try it out?

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                • Anonymous
                • U{U
                • 12 Jul 2023

                PSP, 20 Oct 2022Read that everyone is having the camera rattling issue. Eve... moreIn my case the camera rattles while the camera app is open for taking a picture. At that time the photo is blurry and out of focus because of the rattling. The rattling doesn't stop until I somehow try to get the phone to switch to the other rear camera.

                I'm surprises that Samsung didn't even bother to acknowledge this issue or make any attempts to fix it. For my next phone, I'm considering OnePlus Nord 3.

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                  • PSP
                  • fC%
                  • 20 Oct 2022

                  Read that everyone is having the camera rattling issue. Even my phone's camera rattles doesn't seem like its an issue which few people face . Looks like a feature provided which looks and feels like an issue😝

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                    • Dong
                    • x{6
                    • 06 Sep 2022

                    This model have volte? How to activate? Thanks.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • PUJ
                      • 29 Apr 2022

                      Yeah mine too got rattling issue with the camera. customer service suggest to replace the camera , luckily i didnt replace it , it would cost me more money but the rattling issue wont be fixed.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • U@F
                        • 04 Apr 2022

                        Chanuth , 16 Feb 2022I also have the camera issue when i asked about it from a r... moreI don't think the service centres are aware of Samsung's design/manufacturing defect in the camera module that causes the rattling in this model. It might not be worth getting it repaired by them as it could rattle again after replacement.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • U@F
                          • 04 Apr 2022

                          Saleha, 15 Mar 2022Can't believe everyone has the camera rattling issue. ... moreSince this is not a flagship Samsung isn't bothering to recall or address the camera rattling problem. As far as I have heard everyone having this phone has faced the camera rattle issue. It even rattles during phone boot up! Feel cheated

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                            • Saleha
                            • 2W5
                            • 15 Mar 2022

                            Can't believe everyone has the camera rattling issue. I thought it was mine only. That's weird. Why does this happen? Haha

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                              • Chanuth
                              • IWT
                              • 16 Feb 2022

                              I also have the camera issue when i asked about it from a repair centre they said that the camera is cracked or something if the phone has fell down and it can not see from outside. Replacing camera was their solution

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                                • VTeeZ
                                • 7tU
                                • 07 Feb 2022

                                Swe, 13 Jan 2022I also have camera rattling issueI thought I was the only one with camera rattling

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                                  • Lex
                                  • XBJ
                                  • 19 Jan 2022

                                  Rear Camera rattling whenever in use.. any solution to rhis? Can't get weather updates too.. Bixby always needing one update or the other

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                                    • Swe
                                    • rKw
                                    • 13 Jan 2022

                                    Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022Any solution to the camera rattling issue yet? I also have camera rattling issue

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • YQK
                                      • 02 Jan 2022

                                      Any solution to the camera rattling issue yet?

                                        Gad, 10 Jul 2021Yes it has mine got it cap.