Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)

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  • uneducated studen

I think its battery life is 5000mah..... and cheap price for us..... go ahead samsung. but I don't like this phone have dual sim

  • Andy

I thought they would finally release a nice handy screen-size like 4,7-5" and now they release the same phone again. It's nothing better than the Galaxy A8!!! Just a internationaly release phone...

Would be 40k...

  • Alien

This one seems even better than the shty S6. Specially if it has WATERPROOF.
Thought it's the first phone that i saw having SD 620 - is it for mid-range phones?

Very nice. Just tooooo big. Good for some but I think a general good sweet spot for many is 4.7 - 5 in a body no more than 140mm.

  • AnonD-104517

WTF!!!! the recent upgrade will downgrade the screen back to 5.5"?? i was expecting it to be 6" this time... screw you samsung...

  • AnonD-151913

One of the best of Samsung's powerful device with Snapdragons chipset, this will be amazing.

It's a good idea to keep the screen size at 5.5 inches. The rest of the specs are good, and I hope it has a good battery life.

  • Alek

I dont get it... Its A8 with new chipset. Nothing much more different.

  • Anonymous

a bit smaller screen, but better gpu...i believe

  • bb

It's snapdragon 620 with 28nm process, pffff! And it's expecting good batter life!! This device will be failure!

  • Nick

All the features are good for an upper mid range phone... but the price will surely be high!! Sammy way of doing things

  • Anonymous

Go job!!! Screen screen should not exceed 5.5inch!!!