Samsung Galaxy A 2018 phones could have Infinity Displays

Peter, 28 August 2017

The Galaxy A series has been adopting Galaxy S features from the year before and successfully bringing them to the premium mid-range market. The 2017 models adopted the Always on Display and water resistance, now rumor has it that the 2018 models will take on the Infinity Display design as well.

Bezel-less phones have been flooding the market recently, coming from many brands and in many shapes and sizes and – more importantly – at many price points. It’s no longer a premium feature.

Anyway, details are scarce as the A-series phones typically come out in December or January. Still, it’s a fairly safe bet that they will stick to 1080p resolution rather than QHD+ in order not to compete too close to the S flagships. A benchmark from earlier showed exactly 1,080 x 1,920px, rather than 18.5:9 as it should be for an Infinity Display (perhaps the software isn't ready yet).



Reader comments

This is the next generation of smartphones. It sucks. I miss the note 4, s5 and alpha so much...

  • AnonD-684709

Yes, the edge sucks, but that horrible 18.5:9 sucks even far more.

The A 2016 series followed the S6 and note 5 Design. And the A 2017 Series followed The S7 Design So it would be shame if the A 2018 line up didn't have infinity display.. Specially that LG has moved the Bezzless tech screens to the mid range ca...

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