Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • Anonymous

no gpu....
no 1ghz cpu.

  • don

i know it has dual-core 800 mhz but i use galaxy s and it has 1 ghz prcsr. So i hope it will be at least 1ghz....

  • Anonymous

it is just a big wow

  • Deva

will it support adobe flase player's latest version? will it be upgradable to ICS?

  • Anonymous

It looks like better than Galaxy W...

  • Androider

AnonD-43165, 21 Feb 2012the samsung galaxay ace 2 looks almost the same as the samsung g... moreNot a great difference this this has a total processing power of 1.6 Ghz and Adreno 205 (As usual) and galaxy w has 1.4 Ghz and adreno 205...Other
than the screen...

  • AnonD-43165

the samsung galaxay ace 2 looks almost the same as the samsung galaxy w n also the specs r almost the same. which 1 is better ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-281, 21 Feb 2012if the price can be under the 17000 rs , it is not bad . but got... moreprice wont be 17000 even w will cost more than that.mostly it will be 19000.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]that is the price of the ace it can not be the ace 2!!!!

  • vishal

this is a nice smartphone and i will take this only.....

  • AnonD-5041



1.) Lower price around $250-350 USD;
2.) Android 4.X.X Ice Cream Sandwich;
3.) MHL/HDMI audio/video out;
4.) Adobe Flash Player 11.X.X support;
5.) Lower price around $250-350 USD.


  • Anonymous

i wonder the price of the handset and why is there no adobe flash player or can you get it from android market

  • andry

will it support 3G video call?

  • Alvi

Great mobile, When its available in Pakistan?

  • Abraham

is this comes with the gorilla corning lens or?????

  • ASR

Mobilemaster, 21 Feb 2012This phone looks cool! It has great specs for a mid-range device.agreed.. excellent features for midrange phone.. btw some specs are better than Stupid IPhone4s (,Same processor speed,more Ram,big screen.)

  • Anonymous

I like the design of the first galaxy ace than this.

  • Anonymous

great phone

  • AnonD-43149

Nyc phone.

  • AnonD-43149

Nyc phone.