Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160

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  • Mike

Great phone, Gingerbread runs great, Jelly Bean is freezing and lagging, I suggest to update to CM10.2. Still using the phone, since 2012.

  • IAmYourFather

I had this phone for only 1.5 until it suddenly crashed and never rebooted again. It already crashed often and it got even worse when I updated to the newest firmware. I would not recommend anyone to buy this phone.

  • Anik Biswas

i used this phn last 2.6years. it's very very nice phone. after using this phone i do not want to buy the new. its best phone for me. it's complete package..

  • Anusia

WOk, 18 Feb 2015how i fix a sensitive on/off button?Knock it off

  • 1010

It is nice but it is just 4.1.2 and it is so low Android system. If it will be 4.2.2 or android kit kat, it changes into a super phone. Thank you SAMSUNG

  • Darkest_Fear

After using the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 for 2 years, is a great phone if you're only doing small operations (eg. WhatsApp, Facebook, small games).
Battery life is average (I websurf for about 20 minutes daily, check my WA once in a while. Usually battery life is 20-40% by the end of the day).
4GB Internal (2.++ GB usable) may seem small, but if you're not downloading much apps this wouldn't be an issue.
Camera is ok. It's an old phone anyways so cant really expect stellar camera.
Only problem is Android Gingerbread. No Jelly Bean in my area (Around SouthEast Asia).

*I have never brought this phone for reparation. Still in great condition & is typing from this phone.

  • Anonymous

Seriously underpowered phone. Great phone if you don't plan on keeping it long, however after having it more than a year and a half I can say that the loading time for any app (even just for checking my phone messages) takes ages. Don't get this phone if you don't have patience.

  • Anonymous


  • kjb1259

Snapchat, 03 Jan 2015Please, help me. I have this phone (Samsung galaxy ace 2) and i ... moreI have the same problem how do you fix it??!

  • Fatema

i have some problems, when go on play store or other website than its several problem, &want wi-fi connection & i don't use that apps my data-connectionnow what can i do for this problm?

  • WOk

how i fix a sensitive on/off button?

  • Ilirian

Ash, 31 Jan 2015The only phone in the world without camera zooming options. Phot... moreWhat are you talking about? Of course you can zoom when taking Pictures.

  • scottie

Ash, 31 Jan 2015The only phone in the world without camera zooming options. Phot... morethats funny i zoom using the volume buttons on my ace 2 :-)

  • rafay

Ash, 31 Jan 2015The only phone in the world without camera zooming options. Phot... moreupgrade your mobile software

  • ojomann

USB OTG is not supported by this phone. This is hardware-related so you wont be able to find a roothack for it.

  • Ash

The only phone in the world without camera zooming options. Photos can be only zoomed after taking pictures. All other features are pretty good

  • saad

its very nice phone i like it so much?

  • gulam Raza

I bought Samsung galaxy ace 2 from car phone . This Mobile phone has been hanging problem I ve been send back to the company but that has been ssme problem

  • Anonymous

how i use USB OTG Cable on my samsung galaxy ace2

  • dash

what the **** check out carphone warehouse only £160 pound what a bargain why not get two at such asteal go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!