Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

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  • sujith

this mobile is available in black r not

  • Anonymous

indian, 09 Jun 2012This phone is already available in mumbai and also on samsung in... moreThe phone available in India is CDMA +GSM

  • Anonymous


  • raj

does the GPS (navigator)really works!..or is just eye wash..

  • CM

Over priced. (Max 10K Rupees worth)
Just confirmed it's 262K colors.
No Adobe Flash
No LED Flash.
No Front Camera
1300 mAh Battery.
It's not that Samsung is not aware of. They needs other Phones also to be selling.
Wait for HTC Desire V (Known to be over priced again)
+ve - Only Android Dual SIM with Dual Active=Call Forward - (Read below)
"If you got a call from SIM 2 while you’re getting one with SIM 1, Dual SIM (Always On) will catch the call and forward it to SIM 1 to not to miss it. While using data service with SIM 1, Hybrid Dual SIM will catch a call from SIM 2 and help you not to miss it" Source:- Samsung Website.

  • indian

This phone is already available in mumbai and also on samsung india web site cost rs.12700/- retail price.
but i don;t think this will be sucessful phone. wait for new announcement.

  • AnonD-36619

at last good spec sheet...
expctd.. Android OS, 3g dataspeed, 5mp+ cam, vga@30 vdo, decent intrnal memo, dual SIM...
not got: vdo calling
if this mobile has good contrast and speaker loudness, it would be instantly hit...
pl. price at 9000 Indian Rs. (jun 2012)..... expctng soon SAMSUNG.. way to go UP... Nokia still lags in smartphone... btw, samsung may push BadaOS in this category too...

  • kumar

Does this phone supports Dual Active (GSM + GSM) as featured.

  • Kalpu

Is this supports Adobe flash player and dual active call waiting service??

  • mahi

damn phn it was looking like champ duos,no videocalling ,no dualsim flash.................

  • AnonD-34132

damn, design it by urself if u think its boring... at least Samsung come out with their product, but u?? u hv nothing, just critic and critic and critic....shame urself...

  • Rksh001

Samsung is the only company who cannot design good phones all the phones from low to high end looks the same. It is the android which is playing pivotal role in the success of samsung

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2012dislike samsung....every phone has the same looks n design..bored!!iphone also has the same design too for every generation of it's phone....

  • Anonymous

dislike samsung....every phone has the same looks n design..bored!!

  • patrick

can not wait to use it,i love samsung products

  • melissa

well r they any good coz i might get 1 if they r crap then a might get another bb

  • yet!

whats the advantage of this fone? samsung y duos has smaller screen with 1300mah batt but this is a bigger brother with same size of battery? i didnt get it! improve everything not just price!


i have good experince abt samsung phone, but some updation require to make craze in mind like quality voice recording under calling sim1 as well sim2.

we should able to go in main menu for checking snaps, video or more under calling.

as like nokia cell we should able to play some silent sound as background music in long calling.
1 more we should able 2 connect single bluetooth headphone for extra backup of cell as well bluetooth.
as mentioned these are the mainly basic requirments for any type of smart phone.

  • AnonD-17682

Why samsung always forget to give adobe flash support.
Samsung! Are you enemy of adobe flash?

  • sreenivas

Why Samsung again launching this phone with less features when compared to earlier duos phones. Important features missing are the phone is not dual active, silent about camera flash, no video calling with out second camera, battery 1300mah only. Samsung should plan with these features when it comes with any duos phones in future.