Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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  • Rio Marchello
  • uCh
  • 13 Feb 2023

Actually this is my first Android Phone, and my very very first smartphone.
I've never used Blackberry

    Ayush Patel, 29 Oct 2022How do I recieve files from other phone to my s5830 because... moreThen you should use a SD cards

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      • Ayush Patel
      • rKp
      • 29 Oct 2022

      How do I recieve files from other phone to my s5830 because if I send it shows that insert sd card to save file

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        • Eper
        • 6uf
        • 26 Oct 2022

        Revicam, 24 Oct 2022Ha Ha. Still using my Ace as my main mobile 'phone. Su... morewell man . my lovable thing .. .memories...

          Ha Ha. Still using my Ace as my main mobile 'phone. Super slim/small. Probably on battery number 7 since 2011. Just fitted the spare back cover supplied in the original box.
          If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

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            • Snow Kotiya
            • ter
            • 04 Oct 2022

            I swear this is a legendary phone. My first smartphone. It is a strength in difficult times of life.

              Obviously this phone was terrible, but at the time, there wasn't anything like this at the price range of 100€. Legendary phone but lacked more SD storage

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                • AnonD-1046991
                • G}R
                • 04 Sep 2022

                I hate thieves. , 28 Jul 2022This amazing phone was stolen from me several years ago.. ... moreSteal in form of phone collection or just remain unknown

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                  • I hate thieves.
                  • D7k
                  • 28 Jul 2022

                  This amazing phone was stolen from me several years ago.. I am still sad , almost every day I hope the thief die in a car crash because he escaped in a car after stealing it from me.. I really loved that Galaxy Ace .. It was my first Android phone ever .

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                    • Neyo
                    • XBA
                    • 27 Jul 2022

                    I just got this ace s5830 now just love the look of the phone does it use app ?

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • Q$h
                      • 11 Jul 2022

                      After i got a newer phone, used it as target practice. Still worked until i lost it somewhere

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                        • Vitto
                        • 33r
                        • 27 Jun 2022

                        madusanka, 26 Oct 2021My 1st phone.. My best phone

                          • A
                          • AndroidandAppleFan
                          • Ava
                          • 31 Mar 2022

                          I use to have this phone, but it started bootlooping after I dropped it

                            • M
                            • Marrhew
                            • K8%
                            • 09 Feb 2022

                            Still fine to play some games from 2011, such as angry birds or hill climbing. Still working fine

                              My 1st phone..

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • 7k0
                                • 26 Sep 2021

                                i bought this in 2012..its 2021 now ..
                                still have it working...but the sound has some issues now..during calls..

                                  Bought is August 2011, this phone has been through many family members over the years, currently my mom is using it just for calling purposes, going strong still now though battery is almost as good as dead.

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                                    • Vino
                                    • rAM
                                    • 15 Jun 2021

                                    My 1st Smart Phone , I bought this phone 2011 end cost for 13000/- only internal memory 158mb 😩

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                                      • Anand LS
                                      • bC6
                                      • 28 May 2021

                                      Yes, My first smart phone. Had a good experience(3 years) with it.

                                        My first smartphone