Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • Pavel

I have one it is broken and it sounds like s3 startup

  • Anonymous

Myax, 16 Feb 2021Is there a small cell phone model that has a qwerty keypad ... moreNokia 8000 4g

  • zak

Its a nice little mobile, problem i have is i cannot find a battery for it.

Is there a small cell phone model that has a qwerty keypad similar to this type but with a Snapdragon chipset and 4G support?

Just bought one Mint condition from a store near me who had it in stock cuz no one bought it from him long ago, it works real good ! i recommend you keep it on it's original android version.

Dave32, 13 Feb 2020I have one that work well and in good estetic condition.your joking these are gonna be rare soon. phones just a amazing device

  • Dave32

I have one that work well and in good estetic condition.

  • Kiki

Search this phone is very hard, i want this phone

  • Indian

My first Smart Phone but I sell it in 2016:)

  • unnni

my first phone veryy gudd

The BlackBerry KeyONE before the BlackBerry KeyONE!

  • Alex Tudor

My secound smartie (and my only Samsung) after a Vodafone-branded Java Alcatel.
Well, since i got used with a keyboard phone, it was good. However, I had a problem with it. Dead pixels!
I got used with the toughness of that phone, this one "hit the ground" many times and had a lot of dead pixels. But back then, since I didn't had that much money to spend, it was a choice that I would not regret. If they'll make a phone like this now, upgradeded for today ( 1 GB+ RAM, 16GB+ ROM , 5+ inch display), it would be a good transition phone (just like it did for me).

  • RAJ

sky, 16 Jun 2013every time when i format the phone or change the sim a sms ... moreI have the same question. Plz answer it if any solution.

  • AnonD-687131

my lovely first phone, hahaha...

  • Faza

Thats my first phone, till now... that smartphone still working good... not scratch, but lag

  • Rizqullah iki

my first phone i love this phone

  • sad life

Scamsung is $h!t, 29 Mar 2017Samsung Galaxy B5330 is THE WORST PHONE i've ever had, and ... morehey no its not its the longest phone i ever had you have just insulted my best phone....

  • Scamsung is $h!t

Samsung Galaxy B5330 is THE WORST PHONE i've ever had, and it wasn't cheap at all.

Extremmly poor build quality, display can be strached very easily, so I accidentally scratched touchscreen with my nail. Small pressure is enough to damage lcd. It is made of recycled trash.
Looking at its display always makes my eyes hurt. Resolution 320x240 is very low, and wieving angles are bad, not AMOLED.
It has very sloooow single core processor. Games (Temple run, Subway surfers) are unplayable. Operating system is slow, laggy and unoptimized.
It has 2mp potato camera, and shots are terrible. Only 240p video recording. There is no flashlight, no front camera, no LED notification.
The price was too high for its quality. It is released after Galaxy S3. Phones that are 2-3 years older than this have much higher quality. Compare this phone to older models (S3,S2,S1) and difference in specifications are large.

  • AnonD-564539

Ok the battery could be bigger than it is the 2 megapixels camera is probably poor quality at least it is Android. 4.0 Stars

  • man

kazarz123, 22 Oct 2016r u foolish? why r u interested to get out dated, low rated... moreI want one... !!!