Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

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  • Miki

This phone Internal ROM capacity is 2gb, not 4gb as it's in the spec on this page!

  • Khairul

Im still using it since 2013..the problem is small ram...

  • barat

I want to buy it,but it is not can i parchase order? is anybody guide me?

  • AnonD-571548

dea, 28 Jul 2016hi.when i turnon my phone i write my sim code but after tha... moreyou can try to use other sim card first to see if its your sim or the phone that youre having issues with

  • dea

hi.when i turnon my phone i write my sim code but after that my phone doesnt open the networks...please help mee

  • Anji

nzn, 25 Dec 2015anyone have problem with this phone when i connect on inter... moreInstall cm security app and go to settings and in security make cm security as device administrator. u can solve this problem.

  • Anonymous

nice phn..

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone use it for 4 years, dropped several times no issues. few apps not suitable for this phone other than that best budget phone

  • louis

can anybody help??
My Samsung chat B5330 does not show numbers for any incoming calls but all
as Unknown.
All phones used to test had right settings to show number.

  • sourabh

this is nice phone.

  • AnonD-500850

how can I ordered a phone samsung galaxy chat

  • Anonymous

Remember that you are using a smartphone in a low price, the it is common to have a problem of slowing or not working so fast as some other smartphones. If you are using a huge number of weighty apps then it's possibly slow down the phone. Allays use light weight apps. I will must say this phone a Good One. Think about galaxy star pro there are no 3G, Proximity Sensor or not a Compass sensor.

  • zak

i need the driver to connect to pc

  • nzn

anyone have problem with this phone when i connect on internet ( wifi ) he start bug and restart and super slow shit so you cant do nothing 30 minute ???

  • soya

Frik, 09 Dec 2015How did you upgrade to JellyBean?Just click setting→about device →software update →update, then the server will search the new software. If it is installed, you can see they said "the new software is installed".

  • AnonD-475423

how can i upgrade it in to jellybean?

  • Frik

D'Souza Technology, 28 Nov 2015I am using this phone for more than 2 years now. I have dr... moreHow did you upgrade to JellyBean?

  • D'Souza Technology

I am using this phone for more than 2 years now.
I have dropped it several years times,Yet its working awesome.
I have Upgraded it Jelly Bean already.

  • Saumen

Is it available for facia of G5330

  • serdar

ı bought 3 samsung from spain but now ı m in turkey and ı cant use my phones . when ı open phones it wants sim network lock . if you will go other countries dont buy samsung