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Samsung Galaxy Core II

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I've had this phone between December of 2014 and summer of 2016. After less then two yeats, it was barely usable, and the battery was draining really fast. Then, it was used by my mother for 2 more years, when she dropped it on concrete and the screen got cracked, and the cost of the repair would have probably cost as much as the phone itself. At the end of his life, it was extremely slow, and since I don't know any custom rom to flash in order to make it run a little better, I would only pick this phone if it would cost 25$ at most.

  • Anonymous

მ&#431, 01 Jan 2020is it worth buying or not? I am looking for mobile just for appl... moreIt's complete crap after 3 years

  • Anonymous

i cannot install most of the games that is movable to sd card.i have tried both play store and installed manually but it never installed.i unmounted the card and every apps installed like a charm but when i mounted back again and tried to move them to the card it showed me error...i have tried everything but none of them fixed this issue for me.i.finally i have collected the logs using catlog and the last log was something like this.
7 03:07:24.503 D/PackageManager(632): returnCode: -18
Hoping somebody can tell me a solution

  • მ&#431

is it worth buying or not? I am looking for mobile just for applications

  • Anonymous

You can play 480@30 fps normally ...720p videos will lag...if you use mx player you can play 720p videos with hw+ decoder...if your device is optimized you can even play 720p@60 fps and 1080p@30 fps with sw decoder!

  • Anonymous

Cute phone. Survived a car crash and still works with no problems whatsoever. But the problem is memory, it gets really sluggish from time to time. The battery also sucks but I got an original replacement which is surprisingly good. Also, Google is going to kill off Play Store for all 32 bit devices so there's that too.

  • Anonymous

I am also using it since march 2015

  • Una

This phone is beast , still work perfectly, i'm not fun of games , i use for call text, facebook ,viber whatsapp, web browsing, all what i have to say is amazing phone, battery is still good, never brock.
I had Microsoft Lumia 950 XL after this but Microsoft i going to leave without no update security,without whatsupp, without facebook go in Hell Bill Gates :D i have to back still to This phone, i'm happy to have it baby phone, i

  • Anonymous

i still have this. im still using it.

  • Black

Has been using it since 2015, 4 years to be exact.

  • Raj

Russell , 21 Jan 2019FACHING Battery draining problem. Couldn't run 30 mins..what sho... moreChange battery ,if not solved motherboard problem

  • UserBaruNih

Babbo, 28 May 2019Plz send me how to use so card as a internal memory on Samsung s... moreu should root 1st

  • Babbo

Plz send me how to use so card as a internal memory on Samsung smg355h

  • Russell

FACHING Battery draining problem. Couldn't run 30 mins..what should I DO????

  • Saman

Grate phone. AAA durability.
Unfortunately new app not support to this version.
Good bye Core II

  • Annonumas

_k.e.i.t.h_m, 08 Aug 2017chris ur phone locks during call because uve not set it not to l... moreHow do you set it to not lock during calls.

  • Anonymous

great phone

I have been using this phone for two year because it was from my sister second hand from her but it still works like new for me yeah small battery and screen but its a great phone that's why I still appreciate it but now im using a Galaxy A7 2017 but I still love it

  • Nafas

farah, 07 Jul 2018got a new phone ystrday after 4 years of using this phone . it's... moreSame here mate. :)

  • Anonymous

Anyone tried 128GB or above micro sd card on this device? Seems to be working fine here. It got discovered and usable, I think?