Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

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  • Anonymous

krrish, 10 Nov 2012Only 80Euro ?????????Nice phone

  • Anonymous

old wine _ new bottle...!!

  • steven

Not bad for 80 euro android phone

  • KG312

Its best the Xperia Tipo

  • NWH

wil this model b availabl in India as wel?!

  • Alok

Specs are ok but no gpu in such a 3.5" display phone. It really matters.

  • ani

wow good handset 3G, 3.5MP camara, battry 1300 ma really good.

  • veeru

samsung pls leave dual sim in this model....

  • mobileman

this is a joke..this device 800mhz will have 4.0 and some dual cores doesnt have it..REEAALLY A FUCXXX JOKE

  • Anonymous

Wow nice one!

  • galaxy

can i buy this phone for 80 euro ????!!!!

  • Anonymous

is this really phone

  • Saurabh

No touchwiz?????? Not possible.... Unfortunately Fake Rumor

  • jawher

nice price........

  • Ashish

this phone is osom i will buy this phone

  • Anonymous


  • krrish

Only 80Euro ?????????