Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

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  • bad phone mg

Canadian Bob, 30 Mar 2020This phone was great. Some people say that this phone can't... moretrust mine cant run youtube at all and thr quality is dog water

  • Canadian Bob

This phone was great. Some people say that this phone can't play Youtube videos or it can't access the Playstore in 2020... It's not true. My phone was pretty solid after many falls. Yes, it's a crappy phone, but you can do a lot with this crappy phone. You just need to know how to use it properly and install great third apps.

  • NickT1500

Chagitha Muthunawago, 23 Oct 2018buys this phone like a bossYou really think that this thing will help you be a better boss. Buy a grand prime instead.

  • Smelly

I love it. I want a phone that's hard to hack and keeps private but still comes with some decent built-in apps. The issues pointed out with YouTube, SSL Certificate warnings, and the Play Store only prove my point. I'm looking for a phone that works well after a factory reset, and is durable. It's had about half a dozen really bad drops and the screen isn't even cracked. It's one step up from a clamshell phone, but I want that!

  • Anonymous

i agree, 21 Jul 2018If your interested in any multimedia use then this phone is... moreIt's 2019, you really think a 2012 phone will satisfy your needs 😂. Clown

Tayra, 14 Feb 2019This phone will only help you "Discover" that you need a be... moreTHE

  • Tayra

This phone will only help you "Discover" that you need a better phone. It will not play videos on youtube, or update via the playstore. It wont browse without certificate errors on every site. Its a dead phone at this point. Not even fit to repurpose into a security camera.

  • Chagitha Muthunawago

buys this phone

like a boss

  • Rayan

I am Sorry Samsung but i dont like this is to slow and small.i have this phone though

  • i agree

[deleted post]If your interested in any multimedia use then this phone is a joke.
Cannot run youtube or any video service.
Waste of money unless you are being paid to recyle this junk into something useful.
If your thinking about buying this phone seek mental wellness provider.
Respect yourself more and buy something that will work at least once before throwing it out the window.
I doubt even gravity would want this waste of plastic and false claims.

  • Jean

Does anyone know how to remove the quick responses from this phone can't answer any incoming calls it goes to voice mail

  • Lukos

The samsung galaxy discover do not have 512MB of ram, it have 150MB of ram.

  • Tany

It was my first smartphone. So it was sort of discovery for me in terms to lern some futures and advantage that smartphone can give.
Now I have Samsung galaxy S 8 plus ☺

  • stp

Does anyone know how to move apps to sd card on this phone? I don't see any "move to sd card" button for any of the apps. Thanks.

  • Harambe

This phone isn't the best but can get the job done for texting and calling. The camera is terrible though, with no front facing camera or flash at all. The battery life will last the day if you use the phone for texting and calling only. Not lots of space is included with the phone. The price is very low so this is a good phone if you want to pay a little bit of money.

  • AnonD-560788

I've been using this the last three years. For phone calls and light texting, it's fine. The keyboard is small, if you have large or callused fingers you're going to need a stylus. For browsing, it's very slow. 2GB of RAM crawls along with Facebook, forget about loading any videos. The photos and video camera works fine, not fantastic, but good enuf. Cheap phone, does the job. If you want to do a lot of browsing better get something with more RAM

  • Darren

used this phone for a couple years. It is a low cost phone that is good for texting and talking and maybe using wifi once in a while. If you want a phone to use a lot of data on then get a data package and your carrier will set up with the phone of the month on a data plan and a Contract if your not into that then. a newer version of this phone will do. I say a newer version because this phone was low end when introduced. At this point in time you can get a S2, a HTC amaze or iphone 4 for the same price and any of these phones will do more than Just txt and talk.

  • Sharkling

AnonD-209065, 05 Oct 2015I bought this phone in 2012 for $100 and it came with a fre... moreIf you payed $100 you were overpaying this wasn't worth more than $75 new. Max.

  • Anonymous

Aza, 13 Oct 2015I can factory reset mine and you can have it for under $50.... morethats really not a good idea

  • Aza

paddy, 29 Aug 2015I new a new Samsung discover sgh 5730 m cell phoneI can factory reset mine and you can have it for under $50. I hate mine and if I "lose" it I might get a new one.