Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M

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  • AnonD-209065

I bought this phone in 2012 for $100 and it came with a free sim card ($20) as well as $10 airtime to get you started. It was my first Android phone, and is a decent basic phone. The screen is very low-res with horrid colours as its only 256K colours versus 16M for most smartphones. The battery is crap. The adreno 200 and 800mhz cortex A5 are very weak, so gaming won't work unless playing low quality games. All in all, its a good first phone to give a kid or an older person who doesn't need bells and whistles. But its truly a brick.

  • Anonymous

oliversmomrn, 01 May 2015How do I change the SIM card on this phone? You have to take the battery out of the back and the SIM card is behind it. Just pull the back case off, it won't break.

  • paddy

I new a new Samsung discover sgh 5730 m cell phone

  • Anonymous

How do i download pictures?

  • Lily

I love this phone! I have had it for over and year and it works really well and glitches every once and a while but it a great phone with a camera that works if you just want to capture a few special moments :) There are some reviews out there that say this isn't the best phone but for me it's great and I use it a lot for social media and games.

  • Anonymous

i had samsung galaxy discovery of model sgh-s730m and was stolen by somebody. i heard that there is a possibility to get it back through google. is it possible for google to indicate which sim number is inserted and be used in this mobile? if possible my email address is

  • Anonymous

Does it have the play store when you buy it with straight talk?

  • jero?

is that available here in the philippine?

  • Anton

AnonD-391522, 01 May 2015Does anyone know how to change the SIM card on this phone? It is underneath the battery, just like on any other phone, lol.

  • AnonD-391522

Does anyone know how to change the SIM card on this phone?

  • oliversmomrn

How do I change the SIM card on this phone?

  • boo

princess &#12780, 31 Jul 2014Its slow and I always have "low storage" it doesn... moreif you wanted a front camera then buy one that has it but the phone shows you that it dont have one so y would u expect more than what the phone brings lol stupid

  • boo

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2014This is easily the worst and slowest phone I've ever used. ... morethe speed on the browser of the phone is based on ure signal or wireless speed dont blame the phone for your wifi connection or signal and fyi a mobiles internet is always slow no matter the phone model and if your carrier has 2G only in your area well ofcourse it will be slow.... stupid people

  • Anonymous

press hold power button and the decrease volume key

  • SW

Pierson Jnr, 23 Mar 2015Can you please help me with how to take a screen shot??? lo... moreto take a screenshot you press the power on button and the volume down button at the same time, holding them down till it makes a very loud snap and youll see the screenshot being shrunk - there is an odd delay before it registers the frame you want so if you are working with a video then you need to start pressing the buttons about 2 seconds before the frame you want


AnonD-171981, 17 Oct 2014I like this phone, great bargain. To take a screen shot pre... moreI tried the screen shot but it's not working. I really need it badly....Please!!!

  • Pierson Jnr

Can you please help me with how to take a screen shot??? looks like I have exhausted all means.

There are some applications too that work with relatively low memory android phones as compared to mine but my S730M can't run such apps. eg: special font styles app.

  • Che Guevera

I paid 30$ for it and another 35$ to get it unlocked.For less than 70$,as a pay as you go phone it's decent.Its a basic cheap smartphone.As for battery life,yes it does discharge fairly quickly but I just turn all the settings down n it's fine.You get what you pay for so people should do their research before buying something.I knew what I was getting with this phone because I did some checking and knew the phones limitations.Im happy with it.You want all the bells n whistles,go spend 300$.People are so spoiled these days!

  • Laksh

There is no `my Files`! We cant send files!

  • killinmeslowlike

overpower, 20 Jan 2014overclocked it to 1ghz now I can play chaos rings 2. Good p... moreHate it overpower help me out here need a site to find info on rooting this phone facebook gavin from clovis ca. Im the only one that will show up friend request me