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Samsung Galaxy F41

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Does this phone support voltz without downloading jio call app from playstore?

  • SR

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020Hi, does the phone has screen protection, and notification led?No this mobile doesn't have any built-in screen protection.
You need to buy screen protector separately.
and this mobile doesn't have notification led also.

  • Anonymous

Hi, does the phone has screen protection, and notification led?

  • Anonymous

please tell the difference b/w m30 prime with f41

  • Vicky

SR, 28 Oct 2020as you told that you used S series mobile and you are willi... moreThanks a Lot dear Sir.
Surely I will keep that in mind. I was expecting S10 & S10+ to have some good offers this Festive Season but seems LG G8x stole the show this time in India. Anyways you are absolutely right that S series is really really nice. Just that they are more expensive initially & surely one should wait for some offers from the Brand side. Samsung should work on making their S Series more affordable as the competition is very high now & surely India is supporting Samsung , LG , Apple & Asus more than Chinese brands. Samsung & LG should work more aggressively in India.

  • SR

Vicky , 28 Oct 2020Hi I am big fan of Samsung S series, as till date I have ... moreas you told that you used S series mobile and you are willing to buy new mobile then you should stick to S series as S series is the premium one.
If budget is an issue then you can go for A series or the m51.
I don't think you will get good experience with mid range mobile after using premium range mobile.
F41 is good overall for normal use.
I am using it for regular usage like email, social media like Facebook, what's app, map, music, Netflix, offline movies, games like free fire or call of duty for 1 hour etc.
I upgraded to F41 from J2 (2015) which was a entry-level android back then with quad core, Super AMOLED Display, 1 GB RAM, 2000 mAh battery.
So, upgrading to F41 with better specifications is very good.
My personal choice is Super AMOLED Display of Samsung and that's the reason I buy Samsung mobile.
If other companies give Super AMOLED Display i will check other also.
Nothing is secure on internet.
Even big Billionaires, celebrities, politicians account get hacked so I don't think much about security.

  • Vicky

I am big fan of Samsung S series, as till date I have used only S Series phones like S4 S5 S7 S9. Me looking to upgrade to S20 soon.
I do not trust Chinese Brand like Poco as I am not sure if they copy confidential data like Bank A/c details & Credit Card details.
Please let me know if F Series is worth the price.

  • Rob

Rob, 27 Oct 2020I think Samsung needs to make the F20 in the US. The F20 wi... moreWho wants it to be in the US?

  • Rob

I think Samsung needs to make the F20 in the US. The F20 will come out if the F41 gets released in the US. Great camera, Good design, There just needs to be a US version.

  • I got 12760

Good phone, but volum is less, caera quality is good, dont beleve any post as per 12750 it is very good phone

  • Sanjay

My phone loud speaker vol gets low after every 4 or 5 hrs and after restarting again it gets ok and same thing happens after 4/ 5 hrs

  • Fina

mkai472 , 19 Oct 2020what the F word stands for here? M-monster
F-fusion or fun

  • SR

Subhadeep, 23 Oct 2020which is better for camera and display, Poco m2 pro, Realme... moreIf display is your first choice then amoled display is the best choice than ips lcd display and then you have only option f41.
For camera both realme 7 and f41 have 64 mp sensors but poco m2 pro have 48 mp sensor.
I don't know about realme 7and poco m2 pro camera performance so, can't comment on that.
But between camera sensors I would say go for either realme 7 or f41.
I am using f41 and it's camera is very good with the price Rs. 13249.

  • Bakha

It isnt new phone. It is same with their old phone except battery. I think they have to make or add new technology, apps.

  • Girish

Samsung m21 second name f41

  • Subhadeep

which is better for camera and display, Poco m2 pro, Realme 7 and galaxy f41? I need good display and camera. plz suggest me guyz.

  • Sr

I purchased F41 6gb ram and 64 gb storage with Rs. 13249 from flipkart on 16th October 2020 and got it on 18th October 2020.
From 18th October I am using this mobile.
Till now I didn't saw any problems in this mobile.
6 gb ram and 64 gb storage and a 16 gb memory card is ok for my mobile usage.
amoled screen is very good.
cameras are also good.
processor is also good and I didn't find any lag while switching between apps or playing games.
6000 mah battery is working fine.
F41 got 190000 scores on antutu after testing.
I am upgrading from a 5 year old device which is J2 2015 with 1 gb ram and 8 gb storage with quad core processor and 2000 mah battery.
so, I didn't saw any problems or lagging with this mobile probably.
this mobile officially doesn't support fortnite and so I tried to check if fortnite can be playable i installed fortnite from epic launcher and after installing the game it took 11 gb storage on my mobile and I played the game with 30 fps limitations and I got about 21 fps average.
I don't play fortnite but I played just to see the performance and from price point it is ok.
This mobile is good for normal users who use social media, watch movies, use maps, takes photos or videos and makes video calls and play games some times.

Better that m31s. F41 has less SAR Value

sharif, 20 Oct 2020what is difference between m21 and f41 I think only notch d... moreF41 has less SAR value

  • satyam

camera quality was very very porr like 5mp