Samsung Galaxy F62

Samsung Galaxy F62

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Galaxy M51 revamped wiith an old Samsung's 7nm Exynos 9825 which made its debut with the Galaxy Note10 almost 2 years back. #FullOnSpeedy is just another marketing gimmick by Samsung. Nothing unique here.

Why did they use a 2 year old flagship chipset.

  • Anonymous

wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats what i can say its basically the m51 just better but i done like the gradient finish, plus it has a head phone jack (this is great).

  • aestheticugh

carrier aggregation and oneui version please

  • jNO

This device might be exclusive to India. That explains the pricing.

Dear Samsung, please we need this phone in Ghana and please don't bring us the leftovers

Good price for this phone

SON GOKU, 15 Feb 2021Great specs at a low price. Good job Samsung! (Although the... morebut cmon it's not that different though ! with this ur getting much better battery and charging and better screen and cameras and samsung oneui and the price is basically the same when u convert

  • Irfan

Samsung should include Stereo Speakers like xiomai is implemented in its mid range phones.

  • Maxi

I wish if this phone come to Indonesia, I want the price is $250, hehehe

  • Ed

I hope this phone is released worldwide and receives monthly updates.

Same as m51, just using exynos instead of snapdragon

Android phone brands should think the best way to make up the camera lens design for each brand. There are so many types of design used repeatedly by different brands. That's not cool

  • Anonymous

Ngonie KD, 15 Feb 2021How different is this phone from Galaxy M51 other than the price?Actually price is same but much more powerful processor, more camera and software features and ufs 3.0 vs ufs 2.0

  • Anonymous

We need help here please. Which is better Samsung Galaxy M51 or F62 ?

Performance were on par with snapdragon 855+. And for this price range, this Samsung phone is killing me. I hope my country will sell this

How different is this phone from Galaxy M51 other than the price?


Great specs at a low price. Good job Samsung! (Although the Motorola Edge S has a Snapdragon 870 at 250 EUR)

  • Anonymous

Will it have a 90hz display?

  • Davey

Solid specs, should be a good phone