Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2019No micro SD card. DealbreakerSure, with 512GB on board and USB on-the-go, the lack of memory card is the deal breaker!

  • Anonymous

No micro SD card. Dealbreaker

  • Houli

Tarico29, 12 Oct 2019Fantastic device. Don't comment if you haven't even held on... moreI couldn't agree with you more. I have it and it's a well made device. The earlier influencers who were stupid and tried to break the phone gave it bad press. In future, Samsung should be selective on who they will let test their devices. I love my fold, period regardless of all the naysayers and ignorant press.

This is a truly amazing device, is it the finished polished article? No, but if you are a tech head like me you just had to get this phone in hand. In a few years I am sure we will see the folding phone at a reasonable price with all the kinks ironed out, and we will have Samsung to thank for that.
In the meantime I am enjoying and still amazed at a phone I pull out my pocket and it unfolds to a small tablet.

Fantastic device. Don't comment if you haven't even held one of these in your hands. Its not as delicate as people might think. Using this as my daily driver together with an iphone 11 pro max and note 10 plus. This is by far my favourite out of all three.

  • Ann

Paquita Mong Puetmo, 01 Oct 2019haha, samsung that was an Epic....failM F not really.. It's a awesome device..

  • julian

I rather buy laptop than this phone

  • john

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2019The worst design for a phone .. EVER not a phone I guess. It's a tablet

  • Paquita Mong Puetmo

haha, samsung that was an

  • Optional

I can still see the crease when it's unfolded and for 2100 dollars?! lol

  • Anonymous

Rafi.eee, 15 Sep 2019plz make a compact phone with lcd displaynoooo~~ it will hurt samuser eyes ....

  • Anonymous

Oh she's one ugly Betty lol

  • Samsung user

Samsung uk don't even have this for sale on there own online store. Why not?

  • Anonymous

The worst design for a phone .. EVER

There goes my kidney and lung

  • ThePhoneMag

The battery seems poor for a phone with such specs.. I expected 7000 mah+

plz make a compact phone with lcd display

  • Lucky670

Just wait until gen 5th that will make thinner, large and s-pen plus add features so plenty of time and keep look for new model in few years time... dont buy in hurry... 5G won't be fully up running until 2024 or 2025 as new mast need upgrade first ot take slow process to install 5G network all UK

True Piece of innovation. Very overpriced though.

Next gen will have full display front of phone. now looks bls!t