Samsung Galaxy Folder

Samsung Galaxy Folder

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  • AnonD-421704

Today I bought a Galaxy folder
Performance was fine. use internet,music,chating
Size is similar to the iPhone
but unlocked is $279 in South Korea

  • AnonD-423356


  • AnonD-273829

i want one too

but hope samsung release one with 2gb ram instead of 1.5

  • Anonymous

$255 can buy flagship phone for that, would be good go see other designs but to costly.

  • Anonymous

15mm thick? is that closed? id hope

  • Movicell

When it will be available to Latin America?

  • Kenneth

I want this phone. i wish samsung would bring it to the global market

  • AnonD-36546

Flash and 2nd screen for selfie?

  • Rydon

Nice phone good idea but it should be DUAL SIM 3G.????????

  • Anonymous

Thank God Finally I was waiting for this type of phone. Samsung kindly make this available in India. Also please re-enter the CDMA market direct as there are too many issues when the CDMA phones are purchased in grey market.

  • AnonD-348351

I want to see this beauty in world market!

  • sam

It will be more interesting if it has 3000 may battery and dual sum card slot.

  • Y5

wow.... after so long smart with normal keypad in samsung.. i love to see in real wat would be the cost of this........

  • Anonymous

AnonD-422088, 28 Jul 2015I need this phone now but in dual sims. I was waiting for t... moreThere is also the LG Gentle released on the same day. Similar design too. Even the keypad is similar. Both device is exclusive for the Korean market only but probably available for online order.

  • AnonD-422088

I need this phone now but in dual sims. I was waiting for this type of phone since two year.
I need this phone now but in dual sims.I need this phone now but in dual sims.

  • Anonymous

No company have beat motorola clamshell design yet...

  • AnonD-422474

Want it. But i think this device will not be sell in Europe...