Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

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  • AnonD-273387

Worst phone..sold it just after 1month of purchasing......worst bettry just like micromex phone..heats like an iron..i think samsung should give a ad about grand 2 that new grand 2 comes with ironing facility......make ur cloth grand

  • AnonD-276789

i want to buy galaxy grand 2 pls advise about this mobile..

  • vvvvvv

When samsung galaxy grand 2 will get android kitkat (4.4) update?

  • kumar

i want to buy galaxy grand 2 pls advise.

  • john114

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2014Yeah... I'm facing the same issue right now... charging takes fo... moreAnd mine does the same .. hang the battery indicator .. Maybe it's software issues and after an upgrade layer .. if fix it tell me how you please

  • Anonymous

brendaj., 23 Jun 2014I'm having issue when charging this phone. It took so long to co... moreYeah... I'm facing the same issue right now... charging takes forever to complete and sometime it stuck at 90%.. Other than that, this phone rock...

  • AnonD-273649

Everything good but kitkate os not available.
Really it is not?

  • manju

i it grand 2 supports OTG?

  • ashish

k, 22 Jun 2014Check HTC 816 or LG GPro dual Lite,both are dual.Needed 3×4 keyboard...lacking in d divice...hw to solve it
Pls guys help me

  • koolgia

why people want to buy mobiles to play heavy games? get a playstation or pc to play heavy games.

  • psingh2110

I am using Grand 2 since Jan 2014. Amazing phone.
If you have some brain then you can utlize everything of this phone. Install Pre-rooted custom ROM. (google it)
I have 32Gb SD card, did partian and installed all user apps in SD card. (it means i have 30GB + 4Gb = 34GB internal memry) I have installed 6 hevay games(NFS most wanted, NFS shift, GTA San andreas, Asphalt8, Mordern Combat 4, Spiderman 2, Asphalt 7 heat)
16 GB of Videos and HD videos, 10 GB of 320Kbps songs.. totally amazing phone.
I am facing only one issue that my GPS locking is not working properly, which is nothing but it can be avoided by using non-rooted phone.

There is no lag, HD games are running smooth as butter.

non rooted phone has 4.5GB of internal memory which can be used for limited applications to install and only 1-2 heavy games at max.

Decide yourself. It was a honest review.

  • Pradip rajak

Grand2 is good phone... i want to buy GRAND2 .. bt confused ?

  • sv

brendaj., 23 Jun 2014I'm having issue when charging this phone. It took so long to co... moreim also facing same prob..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-28775, 22 Jun 2014I believe it must be a software issue, since many people complai... moreNo major issues of auto brightness ;
Its just think to understand

  • dillu dabangg

AnonD-276419, 23 Jun 2014I bought grand 2 on 21st june, its a very smooth smartphone. I... moreDoes grand 2 supports pen drive means usb ?

  • dillu dabang

pallaejaaz, 23 Jun 2014Guys :i brought this smartphone (grand 2 )two months back honest... moreIs grand 2 supports pen drive means usb ?

  • reddy

brendaj., 23 Jun 2014I'm having issue when charging this phone. It took so long to co... moreYes i too have the same charging issue..

  • Bhushan.

I want to buy a one phone between the samsung galaxy grand2 and micromax canvas gold.
Plz plz plz tell me which one is better?

  • AnonD-276629

Can this phone support heavy games like asphalt 8 and dungeon hunter 4? Please help. thank you

  • Phoneuserprat

brendaj., 23 Jun 2014I'm having issue when charging this phone. It took so long to co... moreDear user

First i am not a samsung representative and was irritated with their intial software issues but after last update it is a charm.

The phone works overall good ( I use only single SIM so not sure of dual SIM performance ). It has an excellent 7mp camera ( after pixel peep ) but vibrant oversaturated camera which pleases the eye more than real photography ( can anyone please inform me which camera sensor is used in Grand 2) again it has only 3 mm focal lenght.

It has super smooth display ( It worked flawless even when i wore a thick plastic glove on !! ) , Hangs are absolute to none , only app little delay in opening i believe TOuchwiz behind this.

Regarding charging behaviour i tell you it is typical Li-Ion battery behaviour which is releuctant to charge above 90% ( Infact dont charge above 90% as their life gets reduced ) again samsung provided only 1 amp charger where as mega series get 2 amps charges ( faster charging ) again a advice you to purchase external SOny nokia battery and charge between say 40% - 90% as 50% discharge charge cycle will ensure better battery life. ( These external charges are 1.5Amp output chargers hence your battery will charge from 0 - 50% in 1 hour )
It is more expensive then moto g but there is samsung service more important removable li - ion battery with much bettery battery life etc ) also SD card facility & samsung is excellent as far as mobile connectivity , call quality goes ( I have used sony before and can vouch for same )