Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1

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  • uw3
  • 25 Jan 2015

AnonD-345175, 31 Dec 2014samsung is going to turn into something worse than nokia...... moreI do not think so... samsung is same but since chinese phones are provide better hardware specs, they are getting a lot of pressure.... mid 2015 will be good enough i think..

    • K
    • Kanivete
    • ncJ
    • 13 Jan 2015

    The pics on the news post say it has a 2MP front facing camera. Here it ways 5MP?

      2015 is year of selfie 5mpx front or
      better die and dont buy handy

        • r
        • raj
        • 9F5
        • 10 Jan 2015

        there is no flash? why?

          • D
          • AnonD-346815
          • B{%
          • 06 Jan 2015

          samsung should remove Home key and capacitive Menu and Back keys.and two capacitive keys around it.all thing shiold with touch screen.

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            • samsamall
            • t@e
            • 01 Jan 2015

            Too many galaxy model to choose. Samsung is fooling their customers by these too many model. Sam(e)sung is now Manysung. Their mid-range phones as poor as crap.

              • D
              • AnonD-345175
              • k1p
              • 31 Dec 2014

              samsung is going to turn into something worse than nokia...
              (why?) Before the s5, they were an amazing company...
              now they are going downhill...